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Tips for first time traveller’s guide | Greenbrier WV

Written by Fiona

November 20 2023

Picturesque Greenbrier Valley is where history, nature and culture come together to offer a unique experience for travellers. Did you know that the Greenbrier Casino Club requires a dress code – all hats are forbidden for men to enter the premises? Have you heard of the best craft distillery in the area? Keep reading to learn more secrets and have an unforgettable trip to the Greenbrier Valley. 

Getting There: From City to Serenity

Greenbrier Valley may seem tucked away, but the journey is as much a part of the adventure as the destination. If you’re coming from the bustling cities, Charleston and Roanoke are your nearest hubs. Hop on a scenic drive or consider a leisurely train journey to embrace the transition from urban to rural charm. And once you are there, get ready to explore our list of the best Greenbrier attractions. 

1. The Greenbrier: Timeless luxury and hidden history

The Greenbrier, standing for over two centuries, offers a retreat of unparalleled luxury. Even if you’re not spending the night at the resort, make sure to explore its grounds, indulge in a carriage ride, and don’t miss The Bunker — a declassified fallout shelter from the Cold War era. Feeling lucky? Try your hand at the Greenbrier Casino, adding a dash of thrill to your luxurious getaway.

2. Sip and savour: Craft spirits and culinary delights

If you’re a whiskey fan, Greenbrier Valley is the place to dive into the thriving craft spirits scene. Smooth Ambler, a USAToday 10Best Craft Distillery, attracts whisky enthusiasts with an immersive tour, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the distillery process and delicious samples. For a tasting room with a view, visit the Hawk Knob, where they craft hard ciders and honey mead amidst the beautiful landscape.  

3. Downtown Lewisburg: A cultural haven

With a population of just under 4000, the historic downtown Lewisburg buzzes with festivals, live music, and a rich cultural scene. Explore Carnegie Hall, one of the last four in the world, and catch a performance at Greenbrier Valley Theatre. Take a guided walking tour to discover the town’s history or test your skills in The Barracks Escape Room, once a 1799 outpost.

4. Outdoor bliss: Greenbrier River & rail trail

Nature enthusiasts, this one’s for you. The 78-mile Greenbrier River & rail trail lures hikers, bikers, horseback riders, and anyone who wants to enjoy the area. With a gentle one-percent grade and stunning views of the Greenbrier River, it’s a must-visit for first-time travelers. Free Spirit Adventures offers bike rentals and shuttle services, while Greenbrier Outfitters provides stand-up paddleboarding and kayak outings.

5. Pomona Salt Cave and SPA: Rejuvenation underground

Once you’re retired from all the hiking and nature-watching, retreat to Pomona Salt Cave and SPA, nestled a few miles outside White Sulphur Springs. This man-made cave, lined with Himalayan salt, offers halotherapy, massages, facials and more. 

6. Wild Cavern: Journey to the depths

Feeling adventurous? Descend 120 feet underground on a self-guided tour to the Wild Cavern, where stalactite and stalagmite formations are brought to life by colorful lights. For the boldest explorers, a four-hour wild cave tour unveils the hidden wonders of this subterranean marvel.

The Greenbrier, WV, welcomes you with open arms and a wealth of experiences. Whether you seek luxurious retreats, outdoor adventures, or cultural immersion, you are sure to get memories to last a lifetime. 

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