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Cosy up for a chilly beach picnic

Written by Fiona

December 08 2023

Ever fancied the idea of tucking into a picnic with the sound of winter waves as your playlist? It might sound a bit nippy, but fear not, for with a few thoughtful touches, one can transform a chilly stretch of sand into a snug seaside retreat. It’s all about layering up and going heavy on the cosy. What could possibly be more delightful than nestling into a mound of plush blankets and cushions, your lap serving as the table for a spread of hot eats and treats?

Imagine a patchwork of throws and quilts spread out beneath you, a buffer between your bottom and the cool, damp sand, with each layer providing not only warmth but an invitation to unwind. Why is this important, you ask? Because when the sea breeze hits, you’ll be thankful for every thread of that knitted fortress protecting your tootsies from the cold.

The Ideal Beachside Winter Menu

Now when the wind’s got a bit of a bite, you want to have a banquet that brings the heat. Think steaming soup flasks, hearty pies that have enough filling to outlast any form of cold the British weather throws at you, or spicy nibbles that bring a flush to your cheeks and defy the chill.

It’s not just about stoking the internal boiler; the very act of holding a warm cup or digging into a hot pasty is a ritual that repels the frosty air and warms the spirits, making each morsel an essential piece of the experience. The idea of cold sandwiches might strike fancy when the sun is beaming, but under a cloud-striped winter sky, bait that will stave off the cold is exactly what you need to keep your belly full and your body toasty. And just in case, it’s always a good idea to have ready-to-eat food packs perfect for unexpected situations – they’re super handy for people who like to be prepared for anything. 

Light the Way to Ambiance

Let’s face it, the sun dipping beyond the horizon doesn’t have to signal the end of your beachside bliss. Introducing candles — and not just any candles, but those big, chunky ones that burn for an age. Have them there, dotted around your picnic zone like guardians against the dark, and they’ll cast a glow that conjures up a bit of magic against the dusk. Not only do they provide light, but the flicker of the flames adds a touch of warmth both literally and figuratively.

A soft light that dances across the faces of your companions can transform the stark, winter beach into an enclave of mystery and myth. And who doesn’t love the romance of candlelight? It’s crucial because without a warm and inviting atmosphere, one might as well eat in the car – and where’s the fun in that?

 A Sum-up as Warm as Your Woolly Socks

To wrap it all up in a snug little bundle, let me say this: A winter picnic at the beach might give off an ‘outside the box’ vibe, but with the right prep, it’s like discovering a secret winter wonderland that’s just waiting for you to bring a basket full of joy.

Pack those blankets, fill up the flasks, and light up the candles. Why not invite a few mates, or maybe someone special (nudge, nudge) who appreciates the sound of the sea paired with the warmth of good company? It’s all about creating that perfect oasis amidst the winter chill. So next time you’re pondering a picnic, don’t let the cold months deter you – embrace them with a touch of ingenuity.

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