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One-way ticket to Riga – Why travel to Latvia

Written by Fiona

December 12 2023

Are you keen to go on holiday, yet still not sure about the route to choose? Have you considered northeastern Europe and a visit one of the gems of the Baltic countries, Latvia? We reveal some of the reasons to visit latvia and the capital city of Riga.

What to see and do in Riga?

There is something unique and special about Latvia.

Impressive architecture

Latvia used to be a part of the Soviet Union, which is why visitors rarely expect something exquisite and refined…until they see the Old Town and its surroundings. 

Riga is often called a little Paris, as the architecture of the building is truly impressive, with the well-preserved examples of Art Nouveau (Jūgendstils). When wandering around the streets of Riga, there is a feeling of silent admiration. The colours, design, ornaments and atmosphere relocates you into the old times of the city’s greatness. 

The best example of Art Nouveau is Alberta Iela Street, which is bustling with adorned buildings. Medieval Riga Cathedral, St Peter’s Church, Riga Castle, House of the Black Heads – the list goes on and on.

When in Riga, forget about the map and just let the city itself take you on a welcoming tour to enjoy all its secrets. 

By the way, if you are attentive to details, count the number of roosters you encounter on your way. You are sure to hear lots of tales regarding this bird. 

Mouth-watering food

Latvians value their traditions and cultural heritage, and especially the cuisine. Due to a rather cold climate, the food is mainly filling, providing the body with enough nutrients and vitamins.

When Googling the best places to eat in Riga, you will see numerous cafes and restaurants that offer cuisines from different parts of the world, however, we highly recommend you try some traditional cuisine.

Get ready for various types of soups, freshly-baked rye bread, unusual desserts, a multitude of pancakes (even with potato) and lots of fish and dairy products.

Forests and nature

Baltic countries value everything nature gives them. Latvia has created the perfect conditions for modern society and nature co-living. When you look at the map of Riga, and its surroundings, you may notice lots of parks, however, when you reach the spots, you will often find yourself in woodland.
The majority of the parks have marked trails, and cycling options, which makes it easier to cover larger distances. There are quite a few parks within the city, like Mezapark, Kronvalda Park, Lucavsala, Esplanade, as well as outside the city.

If you are an admirer of nature, Riga and its surroundings have many must-see places. 

Freedom and space

Due to the fact that Riga isn’t as popular as Barcelona, or Paris, yet equally engaging and beautiful, we believe, there are fewer tourists and thus more freedom. You can enjoy the sights, take lots of photos in the manner you want, spend as much time as you want near the most attractive places and not spend ages looking for an empty seat in the cafe. 

Completeness and balance

Riga, as the main representative of Latvia, is a place of balance. It has stunning and unique architecture, delicious food and lots of places to explore and enjoy. However, the city doesn’t show off. Instead, the city is real and authentic, while keeping up with modern development and a vibrant culture.

In summary

When planning another vacation, make it different this time and go off-the-beaten tourist track to Latvia and its capital city Riga. 

This charming city is always different, welcoming you with heart-warming beauty and a pleasant atmosphere. Latvians are very hospitable and always willing to help tourists, letting them navigate around the city. The cuisine is healthy and delicious. The nature is well-preserved and rich. Riga has a lot to offer to everyone, just give it the first go and you are sure to come back there again. 

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