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The Nomad’s necessities: Essential print on demand items for travel

Written by Fiona

January 24 2024

Companies report here has been a noticeable increase in the popularity and demand for print on demand (POD) items among travellers. These customised products are not only a way for nomads to showcase their personality, but also offer practicality and convenience during their journeys. From travel essentials to tailor-made apparel and accessories, POD has become a component of the modern traveler’s toolkit.

In this article, we will explore the must-have POD items that cater to the needs of travellers.

Will your luggage stand out among the many thousands of other suitcases and bags?

Personalised luggage tags: Making your bag identifiable

One of every traveller’s nightmares is losing or mistakenly identifying their luggage in a sea of similar bags at airports or train stations. Personalised luggage tags have emerged as a print on demand merchandise that not only adds a personal touch to your bag but also helps you quickly spot it on the conveyor belt.

By printing your name or an exclusive design, on a crafted luggage tag, you can ensure that your bag stands out from others. With materials and appealing prints, personalised luggage tags provide peace of mind and eliminate unnecessary stress while travelling.

Custom water bottles: Stay hydrated on the go

Custom water bottles are fun and also important for carrying water for hydration when travelling. Instead of harming the environment with plastic bottles, you can opt for reusable containers that promote sustainable travel and make a stylish statement.

You can personalise your water bottle with designs or memorable quotes, adding a touch to this everyday essential. These eco-friendly companions come with customisation options like insulation and adjustable straps, ensuring that your drinks stay hot no matter where you are.

It is possible to have print on demand on all sorts of items.

Custom travel mugs: For the perfect brew

For coffee lovers and tea enthusiasts who enjoy their beverages on the move, custom travel mugs are a game changer. Whether you’re exploring cities or relaxing in rural landscapes, a high-quality custom-made travel mug will keep your drink hot or cold for hours.

With designs, patterns or even personal photos, you can create a unique travel mug that perfectly reflects your style. These sleek companions are often spill-proof and suitable for any environment, making them an essential item for every journey.

Personalised phone cases: Style meets protection

When it comes to travelling, what’s more, important than your phone? Protect it in style with phone cases. Your smartphone serves as a companion in your adventures, functioning as your camera, navigation system and communication device. To safeguard this gadget from drops and scratches without compromising on style, many people opt for personalised phone cases.

These customised cases offer more than protection because they allow you to express your personality through images, meaningful quotes or artistic designs. Whether you prefer cartoon characters or elegant monogram patterns, there is a selection of personalised phone cases available to cater to every taste.

Your t-shirt could be printed to suit your travel trip.

Customised travel clothes: Express yourself with unique apparel

Expressing yourself doesn’t stop at destinations when it comes to travelling. Customised travel clothes offer nomads the opportunity to showcase their individuality through their apparel choices. From printed t-shirts featuring quotes to designed hoodies adorned with stunning graphics, the options for personalised clothing are limitless.

Not only do these travel clothes prioritise comfort with their fabrics and attention to detail in printing methods, but they also ensure long-lasting artwork that won’t easily fade away. The speciality fabric used helps prevent creasing while complementing body types – an added bonus for travellers seeking both style and comfort during their journeys.

Conclusion: Unleash your imagination on your next journey

As travellers explore parts of the world and discover landscapes, personalised items and clothing are growing. Customisable items that can be printed on demand have become popular with experienced globetrotters and newcomers to travel.

By incorporating luggage tags, reusable water bottles, customised phone cases, unique travel mugs and personalised clothing choices into your packing routine, you can showcase your style while ensuring practicality throughout your adventures.

Let your creativity take flight and curate a collection of customised items specifically designed to enhance your travel experiences. Embrace the beauty of personalisation as you set out on expeditions filled with imagination and self-expression.

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