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The 6 best choices for floating docks 

Written by Fiona

May 21 2024

Floating docks provide a versatile solution for accessing the water, whether on a lake, river or ocean. These docks float on the surface using pontoons or other floating mechanisms. 

Since they float, they can be used in areas with fluctuating water levels. Their modular designs allow customisation to meet your needs, whether you want to dock a boat or seek a place to sit and relax along the water. 

Whatever outdoor recreation you enjoy, find the right dock for your summer relaxation and adventures. 

A floating jetty makes access to the water much easier. Credit: W.carter

1. EZ Dock: Best Overall

EZ Dock floating docks offer a durable, eco-friendly option for spending time on the water. They use a thick polyethylene that won’t splinter or require paint and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Their innovative designs also make them stable and a slip-resistant surface allows you to walk across the dock safely. 

The dock’s modular designs include linkable pieces in various shapes and sizes for a customizable dock. EZ Dock also offers multiple port options, including:

  • Personal watercraft (PWC) Ports
  • EZ Launch ports for canoes and kayaks
  • Boat ports for crafts up to 5,000 pounds

An online configurator allows dock purchasers to design the ideal solution and get a price estimate. These docks also come with a 10-year warranty for added protection. 

Floating dock. Credit: Jetfloat International

2. Wave Armor: Best Premium Option

Wave Armor Docks offer an exceptionally durable reinforced polymer construction and a simple installation process. The durable design makes them the best docks for lakes that freeze or endure other harsh weather conditions. These modular floating dock systems include various options, including:

  • PWC Ports
  • Boat Ports
  • Pontoon Ports

Wave Armor also offers Power Launch, a simple way to get your boats into the water. Boat ports from Wave Armor can hold boats up to 8,000 pounds. Wave Armor also sells canopy systems to protect boats, pontoons or personal watercraft from the elements. 

These docks have an eight-year warranty, are easy to install and are versatile, allowing you to add and change pieces over time. 

One downside to Wave Armor Docks is that they use polystyrene foam in their construction, which makes them less sustainable. The added durability and boat capacity also make these docks a more premium option. 

3. Jet Dock: Best for Easy Docking

Jet Dock pioneered drive-on docking, making its docks an excellent choice for simple docking. You can drive a boat onto the dock with no winching required. They offer floating docks for kayaks, PWC, boats and seaplanes. Beyond the varying ports, Jet Dock offers walkway platforms. 

Jet Dock holds boats up to 5,000 pounds and includes a lifetime warranty for the block cube systems. The dock design uses smaller pieces, which gives it more flexibility to adapt to rough water conditions. It also allows for walking around the boat on all sides, which enhances the maintenance process. 

These docks are durable and can last for many years. They come with a high price point, especially for larger sizes, so they may not be the best choice for boat owners on a budget. 

4. Candock: Best Reliability

Candock’s floating docks offer excellent solutions that can last decades on the water. They are made of high-density polyethylene, which withstands impacts, weather and various chemicals.  

They offer modular systems customizable to any waterfront needs. Cubes provide limitless configuration designs and docks require minimal maintenance. 

The docks offer a simple setup without the need for specialized tools. They suit various activities, including:

  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Boat mooring
  • PWC mooring

Candock cubes have a 20-year warranty and are eco-friendly due to their long life span, recyclability and green electric energy manufacturing process. They also have safety features like excellent stability and an anti-skid surface.

Their drive-on systems accommodate boats up to 3,000 pounds, making them less suitable for larger boats. They also have limited customization options compared to other floating docks. 

5. Dock Blocks: Best Stability

Floating docks from Dock Blocks have a patented four-pin design which makes them more stable. They also use a unique sturdy high-density polyethylene formulation. Dock blocks feature protective bars that safeguard boats and your dock. Thick tread and light colors make the docks comfortable to walk on. 

Dock Blocks are simple to install, with all pieces connecting on the top. They offer minimal maintenance and are cheaper than other block systems. They also feature a limited lifetime warranty to protect your investment.

Some who prefer a more cohesive dock appearance may not like the aesthetics of Dock Blocks, which look very different from traditional dock designs. Dock Blocks also feature fewer custom modules than other floating dock systems. Most of the customizability comes from the blocks rather than add-on components 

6. Accudock: Best Appearance

Unlike other floating dock options, Accudock doesn’t use modular components, which makes it look more like traditional docks. Accudock offers decking options like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), treated wood and aluminum. The docks suit purposes like:

  • Work floats
  • Boat docks
  • Rowing docks
  • Jet ski docks
  • Swim docks
  • Kayak and paddle sport docks
  • Leisure docks

The docks use a marine-grade aluminum frame and connectors, which strengthen the structure. The rugged foam core gives each dock excellent stability and durability for various waterside activities, from lounging to boat launching. Accudock products are also environmentally friendly, with no emissions during production and no toxic chemicals leaked into the water. 

Accudock products may be more complex to install than similar floating docks. In many cases, they require additional components like gangways and ramps.

Spend more time on the water with the right dock

Finding the best floating dock for lakes, rivers or other bodies of water can help you enjoy more time doing what you love in the outdoors. Whether you seek to launch your boat or set up a dock for swimming, you can find the ideal choice for your needs.

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