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Tips for choosing a cruise with your partner

Written by Fiona

June 03 2024

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your partner. If you both have hectic schedules and other commitments, sometimes these escapes are the only chance you get. Therefore, picking the right type of holiday is essential. 

Have you ever considered a cruise? They offer a unique experience, with less hassle, multiple destinations and great value for money. Here are some tips to help if you’re choosing one to enjoy with your partner.

Consider your budget

Start by thinking about how much you realistically want to spend. This is likely to determine which cruises you can afford, where you can go and how long for.  Consider your priorities: Is seeing a wide variety of destinations more important to you, or having the best onboard experience? Decide your budget and see what options you have available.

Choose the right cruise line

Different cruise lines usually cater to different audiences. Some are more tailored for family experiences, some for older travellers and others for romantic getaways and couples. Research providers such as P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises and Oceania Cruises to get a sense of the atmosphere, services, and amenities on board.

Pick a suitable route

Your choice of cruise line should also be tied in with your ideal route and itinerary. Think about where you and your partner would enjoy most. Are you after sunny days and beaches in the Caribbean or breathtaking landscapes in the Norwegian Fjords? Do you want to see multiple destinations or a few in more depth? Find something that inspires and excites you.

Select the right cabin option

A proper romantic getaway needs the right cabin. See the options available on the cruise you’re considering. Interior cabins can be more affordable but are unlikely to benefit from sea views. Balcony cabins, on the other hand, can be the perfect places to admire the world go by from the water. Don’t forget to check features, layouts and sizes to get the one you’re comfortable with. 

Try new things together

The activities on board and ashore are what make cruise experiences so unique. Consider what excursions and activities you can do together. Ideally, you’ll both be able to try something new to create shared memories and fresh stories to tell. Push the boat out and try something you’ve both always wanted to try but never have. There’s no time better than when you’re on holiday.

A cruise with your partner is bound to be a special experience and one that will create cherished memories for years to come. Do your research and book one that gives you everything you want from a holiday.

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