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Why Europe is the perfect holiday destination

Written by Fiona

June 03 2024

Looking for the perfect destination for your next holiday? Discover why Europe should top your bucket list and how easy it is to tailor your trip.

Variety of landscapes

There’s an almost limitless variety of landscapes to choose from in Europe, including snow-capped mountains, idyllic islands, rolling pastures, rivers, lake, coast and more in between. Some regions boast several different types of landscape within easy distance of each other.

Equally, each country boasts cities overflowing with culture and quiet countryside where you can escape the crowds.

Having something for everyone makes Europe an unbeatable destination if you’re trying to satisfy a range of priorities and preferences. Alternatively, you can invest heavily in your favourite activity with a specialised trip like a walking or cycling holiday.

Easy to explore

Almost all European destinations are within striking distance wherever you are in Europe, whether by road, rail, boat or air. It takes just a few hours to fly between the furthest points, or you can wind slowly from country to country on one of the continent’s most beautiful rail journeys

This compact size and excellent infrastructure make Europe incredibly easy and time-efficient to explore, even if you want to go corner to corner in one trip.

Beautiful beaches

Is your definition of a great holiday relaxing on beautiful beaches? Europe has no shortage of countries blessed with a characterful coastline ranging from lively resorts to quiet coves.

Bask in hot temperatures along the Mediterranean, enjoy dramatic black sand scenery in the Canary Islands, indulge in water sports in Spain and Croatia or stroll wild bays in Portugal. 

To secure the best weather, look at last-minute holidays to European beach destinations with a good forecast rather than planning too far in advance. Conditions in European countries can be changeable, especially in August when rain begins to set in again. 

Rich heritage

The centre of the Roman Empire and former playground of the Ancient Greeks, Europe has a long history of civilisation evident in the architectural relics found across the continent. These sit alongside modern wonders giving European cities an otherworldly feel where old meets new. 

There are many World Heritage Sites to see when visiting Europe including cathedrals, castles, palaces and entire towns which have been perfectly preserved such as the Old City of Dubrovnik which became famous as the backdrop for King’s Landing in the hit TV series Game of Thrones.

You can also explore heritage through the produce and traditional dishes cultivated in each location. Feast on fresh pasta in Italy; partake in French pastries as you stroll the Seine; enjoy hearty fare in central Europe and enjoy the colourful cuisine of the Mediterranean that’s renowned as being some of the healthiest in the world.

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