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Fit over 50

The years have sped by and suddenly I find myself aged 50. I could repeat all the cliches about middle age (and even give myself a lot of excuses for not doing things or resigning myself to being too old for this and that) but I have never considered age to be a creator of barriers. I do not believe I will ever be too old for adventure, happiness, fitness, get-up-and-go, fun and doing things differently.

This is an area of my website where I am keen to explore the highs – and lows – of being aged around 50 and over. I will be interviewing people who do not believe in the limitations of age-labelling and who have found different ways to stay fit and healthy as they go into their later years.

I hope to inspire ideas and discussion about how we can all enjoy healthier, happier and fitter lives.

I am 50 and I am not seeking eternal youth. (Botox and cosmetic surgery are not for me.) I am realistic and sometimes I do face a few physical and mental limitations because of an ageing body and mind. Like anyone else, I see every passing year in my face, body, strength and faltering memory.

In addition, the menopause is a huge inconvenience and I write about this often less-talked-about topic because I think the more we share our problems, the easier it is to cope and understand.

If you would like to tell me about your positive experiences of being 50 or more please do get in touch. Or simply have a read…