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Written by Fiona December 31 2008

I imagine that the Mugdock and Craigmaddie Reservoirs at Milngavie are going to feature frequently in this blog. Located just a few of miles from my home, they often provide a handy destination for a run that requires little thought or planning.

But this is not to say that the route isn’t fulfilling. While I am forced to run on pavements for the first stretch, within 15 minutes I’m on to the start of the West Highland Way (bizarrely the start is located in the middle of Milngavie shopping precinct, next door to a coffee shop!) From here it’s easy-going trails and a few short ups through a section of the dog walking haven Mugdock Park. From there I head through Drumclog car park and across a road to the reservoirs.
According to those who claim to know, a figure eight around the longest perimeter of both lochs adds up to a total of 3 miles. I’ve never measured it so I’ve no idea if this is true but it feels about right.
Reaching the reservoirs entrance I turn left and run the longest circuit possible taking in both lochs before heading back home again. I did this route yesterday and even managed to put in a burst of faster running for two-thirds of the reservoirs’ circumference (the reason I could do this is because I know it’s mostly downhill from leaving the reservoirs to getting home. Downhill momentum is a great thing!)
I’d often find myself at these lochs during training for my first marathon in October. Usually I’d underestimate the distance I needed to run during training and so I’d use up time and miles by running loops around the reservoirs. (Watch this blog for links to my marathon training diary as featured in The Scotsman.)
This might not sound like the most interesting running but actually the lochs are stunning. And despite being close to the suburb of Milngavie they feel quite countrified. Whatever the weather the waterscape provides a great variety of eye candy for the weary runner.
Yesterday the reservoirs where the most still I’d ever seen them. The flat surface shone in the cold, wintry sun like a huge mirror. ¬†Usually I encounter a headwind down one entire length of the largest reservoir but this time there was none whatsoever. For once, I felt like I was running like the wind myself!

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