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Rainy Sunday

Written by Fiona January 11 2009

It rained and rained this morning during our regular Glasgow Tri Club Sunday morning run – but no-one seemed to care that much. Good chat and a nice route through Pollok Country Park on the southside of Glasgow kept our minds off our soaked kit and sloshing trainers.

The great thing about the Sunday run is that you’re back home by 11am and feeling smug already. It’s around this time that the rest of my family surface so I feel as though I’ve not missed anything but gained a good workout and a mental boost.
The other advantage to Sunday morning running is that it tends to curb the amount I drink on Saturday night. I have never learned the art of running with a hangover (although many of my hardier tri  club pals seemed to have this one sorted.)
In any case, after the hangover from hell yesterday (following a very good, but drunken, 50th party on friday night) I’m now officially off the booze for the rest of January and maybe February.  I shall be drinking only limited amounts when on a night out and nothing in the house. I did this last year and I felt so much healthier, slept better and lost a few pounds.
Well, that’s the plan anyway!

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