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Running out of …

Written by Fiona February 26 2009

Ah.. and so it’s back to those killer speed sessions that I so clearly recall from last Spring. Round about now each year the Glasgow Tri Club move to Victoria Drive in Jordanhill for a couple of months of killer speed reps running as fast as we can along the edge of Victoria Park for set time intervals.

The fact that I can remember how sick I felt during every single weekly session last year should lead me to leave the club for these next two months. That would be the sane way to go.

But I doubt I could ever be described as sane. And in reality I know that the pain and nausea will pay off in the end with smarter, better times for 5ks and 10ks during the summer months. Whether I will actually get around to running any 5k or 10k races in the summer is another matter but all I know is that if I do want faster race times I need to train faster. It’s as simple as that (apparently!). Except that doing any fast running really hurts.

This is my first week of speed reps for 2009 and while thought I was doing just fine for the first four reps, by the sixth I could feel a rising nausea, by the 7th I thought I’d collpase half way and by the last rep I could only imagine how amazing it would be to stop RIGHT THERE RIGHT NOW. For a short while after the session I felt good knowing I’d done it – but now sitting at my desk
my thighs are aching and complaining. By tomorrow I just know I’ll have trouble getting down the stairs.

Still, I think it will be good for me in the end…

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