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Call to the girls

Written by Fiona January 18 2010

So it seems (according to the comments on my latest blog) that perhaps the girls do want to have more fun in Scotland’s great outdoors but they are either a) stuck at basecamp while the chaps are out there enjoying themselves instead, or b) feel a bit scared at the prospect getting out and about in winter weather or on their own.

So maybe we should come up with a Girls Out in the Outdoors Day. (GOOD for short!) How about a Saturday or Sunday in April or May? This would be a day earmarked for us women only and would be a day when the men could stay home and mind the kids/dogs/guinea pigs or whatever.

On this day, perhaps a range of walking and cycling guided companies could offer discounted prices for women-only outings and trips?

Or there could be a plan to arrange for group walks/cycles among like-minded and like-fitness women?

And if this works, why not set aside a “GOOD” once every three or four months.

Come on, you know you all want to make a bid for some freedom and adventure. So spread the GOOD word!

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