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New ashtanga yoga class in Bearsden

Written by Fiona March 30 2010

I used to think that yoga was a flimsy sport. I imagined it was an excuse for doing exercise. But once I discovered ashtanga style yoga all my ill-conceived notions disappeared. This is an amazing form of yoga and one that offers a fab workout for the body and mind.

I have found that regular yoga helps to prevent injury caused by my other sports – and keeps me calm. Having started out with the tight muscles of a woman more likely to be in her 80s I can now hold my head high in a class of intermediate yogis. And the poses I imagined I’d never, ever be able to do I now can!

My progression has been thanks to the expert tuition and encouragement of Jo at Jo Lockhart Yoga in Bearsden. Boy, can that lady bend and stretch! Her classes are very popular – and she’s now decided to start a new one on a Tuesday evening. If you have the chance to fit this into your diary I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

If you want to know more about this style of yoga here’s an explanation from the experts: Ashtanga Vinyasa style yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that focuses on posture (asana), breathing (vinyasa) and focus (dristhi or gaze point). The practice moves through a systematic sequence of postures, co-ordinating breath with movement and forming a moving meditation that helps to purify the body, nervous system and mind.

Regular practice builds up strength and stamina, improves posture, cleanses the body of toxins, improves circulation, and lets the energy (prana) run efficiently throughout the body. The regular deep breathing required for the practice, calms the mind and the nervous system. The focus required lets us forget the mental chatter we all suffer from.

The practice is suitable for everyone who is healthy and fancies a wee bit of a challenge and postures can be modified to suit all levels of flexibility.

I’d recommend you check out Jo Lockhart’s website – and then why not sign up to her new class? You’ll need t be fast though as her classes are very popular.

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