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Only the finest dining for Cal Chall hubbies

Written by Fiona May 24 2010

Fuel for hungry walkers: Schneken Bun

The husbands of several friends are taking part in this year’s Caledonian Challenge. The event involves a hike of 54 miles non-stop along the West Highland Way (the original in a stable of Scotland’s glorious long-distance walkways) – hopefully in less than 24 hours. Teams are supported along the way by generous wives, friends and other relatives.
Having taken part a couple of times before Super-Sore-Feet-Craig (partner of JoYo) knows how important it is to make sure the team will be properly refuelled en route. This is aside from adequate training walks, all the right kit, comfy boots and a huge barrel of morale. Last year, it seems there were three too many bowls of chilli con carne (where one was more than enough) and so this year there has been a lot of serious talk about what food will be provided at each refreshment break.
Then in steps Top Entreprenurial Mummy, aka the blog writer of Feeding A Family of Five for Under Fifty Quid a Week. TEM’s latest business idea is to cook delicious meals for busy people. She’s a fabulous cook and she’s already on the way to creating a successful culinary empire. So, it seemed like an obvious solution for TEM to create the perfect refuelling dishes for the hungry Cal Chall hubbies.
TEM has put some amazing meal options on the table (so to speak) but I would be going for several of these: Chicken Couscous, Rigatoni al Forno, Casserole and Mash, Chicken Paprika and Rice, as well as the good old Chilli and Rice. The key to sustaining energy levels over a long-distance walk is lots of carbs, lots of flavour, savoury, salt and not forgetting litres of water. The worst choice over such a long period would be gallons of energy gels and lots of really sweet stuff. (Believe me, I tried this on my first Moonwalk snacking on jelly babies and gels and by half way I felt extremely nauseous. The second time was far more successful thanks to a feast of sandwiches and sausage rolls).
One snack that TEM is insisting on, however, is her latest delish discovery: Schnecken Bun, now renamed by her as “Happy Cake”. TEM recently enjoyed a Happy, Happy evening tucking into the high carb, sugary, fatty and nutty treat. And now the Cal Chall Hubbies will be able to look forward to a few of these amazing snacks en route.
I’m almost tempted to take part myself given the fine dining on offer – but then again I think my feet are a little delicate!
Even if you’re not taking part in a big walking challenge TEM is happy to discuss all kinds of meal options, perhaps for a family tea, a Friday night supper or a Saturday dinner party.

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