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Have you checked your pee today?

Written by Fiona July 29 2010

A small company called Juice Doctor wants us all to drink more water for the good of our health. Obviously they have something to sell to help us with this hydration – a range of Juice Doctor isotonic drinks – but they do also have a healthy message that is worth taking note of. The “Good Hydration.. Keep It Light” campaign is also backed by Sir Steve Redgrave,  who offers his own tips for staying hydrated.

We all know about the importance of drinking water, well, at least, we’re should all aware of it! Mostly we’re told to drink a couple of litres of water a day to stay hydrated. We should drink more if we exercise or if it’s a hot day.

However, the Keep It Light campaign offers a different, and perhaps more understandable message: To look at the colour of your pee as an early warning signal for dehydration.

The darker your pee the more dehydrated you are so the aim is to always have clear, lighter-coloured pee. You can manage this by drinking more water.

Dehydration can lead to a host of health problems including: Headaches, energy slumps, difficulty concentrating and snacking. By keeping yourself topped up with water you will tend to feel more alert and energised.

The Juice Doctor has even brought out a range of special posters that can be downloaded and pinned up next to your toilet. The one illustrated in this blog is called the “Y’urinidicator”. It’s message is to: Stay on the light side – avoiding the dark side of dehydration.

So have you checked your pee today? I bet you soon will!

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