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Go live the adventure, says Tarquin Cooper

Written by Fiona August 20 2010

I met Tarquin Cooper earlier this year by chance and we immediately started chatting about the outdoors. He’s an England-based journalist and, since I’m Scotland-based, we compared and contrasted the outdoors press in both places. We both bemoaned the deceasing coverage of outdoors activities in general in the mainstream press but were encouraged by some newly launched outdoors magazines and the number of good outdoors blogs.

Tarquin Cooper

Tarquin is way more adventurous than me and has been fortunate enough to head off for some truly amazing trips. He also gets to write about them in the national press on many more occasions than I do. Rather than being envious I’m delighted that more people are getting to read about the world of adventure that is out there waiting to be experienced. (And it’s not to say I haven’t tried badgering more freelance budget out of all the Scottish newspapers and mags on outdoors topics – it’s just that budgets are almost non-existent across all departments.)

Tarquin has just had a first-person article published in the Daily Express. It’s a really good read – and sums up what many adventurous folks believe. Adenture isn’t about the pursuit of danger and the risk of death, it’s about living life to the full and experiencing some of the world’s most amazing landscapes, views, countries, cultures, sports and adventures.

Adventure doesn’t even have to be extreme, or overseas. We can all find adventure to suit our aspirations. Scotland is a great country for offering a wide range of outdoor activities for all kinds of people and it doesn’t involve too much in the way of travelling, time or expense.You’ll know this if you’ve been reading this blog!

One day, most likely when Little Miss is old enough to care for herself, I’ll be heading off to experience just a little of what Tarquin has already seen and done. For now, it’s great to read his articles and to live a fun and adventurous life so close to the mountains Scotland. Good one, Tarquin!

PS. Tarquin, if you have any good pics of yourself  that won’t infringe copyright please do send me a couple!

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