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A few words about my kit reviews

Written by Fiona September 23 2010

I am not paid to write kit reviews. I usually receive items for free to test-drive, but not always. Sometimes I’m impressed with a product I have bought and want to tell others about it.

Much of the kit I review is either chosen by me because I think it looks different, will be useful, offers a unique quality, or because it’s the latest must-try item.

Sometimes I approach the companies to ask for products to review but increasingly people are finding me on Twitter, Facebook and through my blog – and they approach me asking if I’d like to write about a product.

I usually aim to write something about each product but I do not promise to do so. I will write about the good points, and the bad, in my reviews and I would not like to have my editorial independence of credibility compromised  by companies insisting that I only write about the good things.

I write about products that I think my readers might be interested in. These reviews are my opinion and according to my own experience. I hope that they are useful to others. I would not like to mislead others into buying a product that I didn’t think was up to the mark.

Obviously I do run a business and if there does come a day when someone wants to employ me as their chief product tester then I’d be open to offers. I would then tell readers that I’m employed to be a kit reviewer.

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