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Kit review: Keen Hoodoo Mid boots

Written by Fiona December 14 2010

We had tons of snow here in Scotland. Then came the big thaw. But just as the thaw was taking place, the temperatures suddenly dropped and now our outside world has turned into one huge ice rink. Many roads have been turned into a single kind of drivable lane, right down the middle of the road, and with ice piled up either side. Most pavements comprise long sections of compacted ice and snow. Not only is it pretty treacherous outdoors, but it’s also very, very cold underfoot.

So it seems that the God of Cold and Icy Walking must have been watching over me. For last week, the postman brought me a pair of Keen Hoodoo Mid boots. I’ve written about Keen shoes before and I love their slightly wacky look and great gripability.

The Hoodoo Mid Boots are a kind of funky casual/practical boot. I like the look of them but even better still they are really warm to wear and ideal for tackling a walk on very icy pavements and roads. For once I agree with the sales blurb that is written on the website. (It’s rather American, but you’ll get the idea).

This is the description: “Winter warmth in a casual style so comfortable you’ll want to keep them on all day long. The convenient slip-on design makes the Hoodoo Mid perfect for quick runs to the woodpile or mailbox, while the serious dual-climate rubber outsole is ready to tackle slick sidewalks and snow-covered lots. Lined and cuffed with soft synthetic wool, these boots are a winter favorite.”

I’ve only taken the boots off to go to bed, for showers and for yoga since receiving them. (I would have kept them on for yoga if the teacher would have allowed!) I fastidiously dry them at the front door after being outdoors so I can continue to wear them around the house. I have combined the insulated boots with both pairs of my favourite winter walking socks: the Woolpower beauties and the Heat Holder socks. This is the warmest my feet have been for many years  – and in some of the coldest weather we’ve faced in years.

As someone who is affected very badly by the cold in my feet I have been in utter Warm Feet Heaven!

I’ve also taken them out walking with Little Miss and to the shops when the car decided to have a flat battery (again) this weekend! So they have been on icy pavements, via icy roads, along icy trails and paths and they have totally held their own. I’ve felt secure on my feet and in control of my balance.

These aren’t the kind of boots that I would take up a big hill or on a long-distance cross-country trek (I’d wear my laced up hiking boots for extra support on these kind of expeditions) but they are ideal for most other kinds of winter walking. In my opinion they are trendy enough to wear with jeans for most casual occasions and the certainly double up well as indoor slippers.

The boots are also waterproof and look like they are made to last. However, if I continue to wear them as much as I have been I may need to replace them with a sweeter smelling new pair in due course!

Further details about the keen Hoodoo Mids and lots of other lovely boots at Keen

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