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Seven things you don’t know about me (if you’re interested)

Written by Fiona January 25 2011

My good friend and fellow freelance journo and blogger Ellen (see inabundance) has tagged me in a recent blog of hers. She has listed seven things we didn’t know about her… and now she’s passed the thread of the “seven things” blog on to other blogger pals. It’s like blogger tig. I’m now “it”!

Of course, I ‘ve a lot of other work I should be doing, and a fair few blogs to write on this site, but the “seven things” theme has appealed to me. So…

Here are seven things you (probably) didn’t know about me… since I’m not very well known to most of my readers there will clearly be hundreds of things you don’t know about me, and not all of them are very interesting. So I’ll stick to an outdoors/fitness theme for my “seven things”…

* I own eight pairs of Inov-8 off-road trainers and at least a dozen more pairs of trainers made by a variety of companies. And, still, I’d be happy to have another pair, or two, or three…

* One of my pairs of trainers is silver and I’ve kept these as “dress” trainers, for when I’m going to the pub or out for dinner! I don’t run in these precious beauties.

* I wear my running shorts over the top of my running tights (a la Superwoman). I am nothing like Superwoman and I know it looks stupid but it avoids the need to hitch up my running rights every two minutes! Sometimes I also wear my t-shirts over the top of my long-sleeved tops. I don’t know why but I think it looks cool!

* I have entered my first ever Olympic distance triathlon this year (London triathlon) which means I will be expected to swim in the Thames for 1500 metres, cycle 24 miles and run a 10k. I started training last week. I’m daunted.

* … But I loathe open water swimming because I fear the creepy crawlie things that live in river and lochs and are out to bite my tootsies. I know it’s irrational but it’s been like this since I was a child.

* I won the silver medal in a British Judo championships on my 15th birthday. I then grew far too tall to have any chance of being an adult champ! (Well, that’s my excuse!)

Sgurr Fiona

* My favourite Munro is Sgurr Fiona on Scotland’s mountainous ridge of An Teallach. The reasons are many and, of course, it does include my own name. Added to this I can say without question that I have never been so relieved to make it to the summit of a Munro nor have I been so impressed by the views.

Now it’s my turn to play blogging tig. I tag:

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Ok, you guys, wow me with those interesting things I don’t know about you. Keep it clean, though!

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