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New jeans for cyclists

Written by Fiona February 10 2011

Rapha's new urban cycling jeans

I actually like my cycling shorts and tights. They are extremely comfortable and after years of pulling on Lycra for my frequent cycling outings I really don’t care how I look in the figure-hugging garments. But, I confess, it wasn’t always this way. I can remember when I first started cycling feeling horribly self-conscious when out and about in the stretchy shorts and leggings.

So I can see the advantage of cycling kit that is both practical and more flattering to the average cyclist. The problem has always been finding a comfy versus practical compromise.

Loose clothing on a bike has a habit of getting trapped in bike parts, especially the chain. A flappy garment when cycling is also a bit distracting. Which is why most cycling clothing tends to be on the tighter fit side of things.

So I am intrigued by a new pair of cycling jeans. Rapha (already a big name in cycle clothing) has designed what they are calling “the perfect cycle gear for the urban cyclist”. The straight-leg jeans are made from a nylon-denim blend yarn that is both durable and has just enough stretch for comfortable cycling. The fabric is also water-repellent and stain-resistant, and it’s even claimed to be “quick-drying” if you do happen to get caught in the rain.

The jeans have been tailored to suit cyclists with a high-backed waist and lower cut front, to compensate for your position on the bike. And, thankfully, the garment has offset seams and belt loops to prevent chafing.

Added to this the cycling jeans have a reflective motif on the inside of the right leg (this is for when you want to roll up the legs of the jeans),  a highly visible pink binding and a white contrast belt loop on the back of the waistband.

Given that Rapha is renowned for great cycling kit I expect the jeans are brilliantly engineered and do what they say they will. I can see this cycle kit suiting people who cycle only a short distance to work or social meetings in towns and cities.  The jeans will be available from Rapha later this month.

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