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Graeme Obree launches Bikeability Scotland for kids

Written by Fiona March 14 2011

Gosh, it’s a day of cycle blogging news! First was the women-only cycling event in Glasgow and now news of the launch of a cycle training scheme for Scottish kids called Bikeability Scotland.

Graeme Obree has shown his support for Bikeability Scotland. Attending the launch last week, the Scottish cycling legend  joined an “on road” training session with pupils from Longstone Primary School in Edinburgh.

The former Scottish Cycle Training Scheme is being re-launched as Bikeability Scotland, which is a three-level cycle training programme designed to give children the road skills to travel independently to school on their bikes.

Bikeability Scotland aims to:

* Teach children how to cycle safely.

* Show children how to plan the safest route along quiet roads and cycle paths

* Teaching kids how to negotiate traffic and junctions.

Obree, also known as The Flying Scotsman, said: “Bikeability Scotland is a great way to make sure children can cycle safely. The training is really comprehensive. As a parent I think this is so important.

“Having the confidence to let your kids out on their bikes gives them so much more independence, which is something children seem to have less and less of these days. It is also a great way to encourage exercise which is so important to the physical development of children – but above all cycling is fun.”

Bikeability Scotland training materials are being made available nationwide, and the scheme is administered by Cycling Scotland, the national organisation for getting more people on their bikes.

Olympic cycling legend Chris Hoy also added his support to the scheme. He said: “The new Bikeability Scotland cycle training is a fantastic way to give kids the skills and confidence they need to use their bikes to get to school, and just to get around.

“I went everywhere on my bike as a kid, and developing road sense is really important.”

Cycling Scotland is calling on people from across Scotland to get involved to help ensure as many children as possible get access to Bikeability Scotland. Cycle training is managed locally by road safety officers and active school co-ordinators, with the actual training often being delivered in schools by parent volunteers, who have been trained to deliver the programme. Find out more about Bikeability Scotland and opportunities for volunteering at

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