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Guest blogger: Looking the part for the Moonwalk isn’t just about the bras

Written by Fiona March 05 2011

Ellen is a good friend and fellow freelance journalist. She plans to take part in the 26.2 Edinburgh Moonwalk this year. Last month she blogged about Zumba dancing and walking ‘n’ talking. Now she’s turning her attention to her walking outfit.

Lorrain Kelly is a big supporter of the Edinburgh Moonwalk

Ellen writes: We all know about the bras – it’s hard not to. The most eye-catching thing about the Moonwalk is the sight of thousands of women marching proudly in their decorated bras.

Once you’re used to the idea, you realise that what’s going on is actually more remarkable than that. All these women have trained to walk through the night to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

Oh, and they also have on other stuff, apart from a bra. So this week I turned my mind to what I might be wearing for the event.

Fionaoutdoors, who as you know is wise in the ways of exercise, directed me to They have a fantastic array of gear that to the uninitiated (ie me) is both pretty and technically sophisticated.

I dithered for an unreasonable amount of time before choosing some training gear.

I plumped for the North Face impulse top which I love, not least, for the fact it has thumb holes for warm hands during walks.

I picked a pair of Pure Lime pants – so far so comfy – and some sporty knickers.

Now, I know from experience how important having the right pants is. The first Moonwalk I attempted way back when, I just put on my usual pants without thinking about it because they’d been fine during training walks.

All I’m going to say is that a thong and a long sweaty walk do not make for comfort. And my choice of knicker shows on many levels just how long ago it was.

Meanwhile, my Moonwalk entrants’ package thumped through the letter box from the Walk the Walk people. Among lots of mind-focusing advice about training schedules and walking technique were lots of things for sale, including personal alarms and reflective safety gear.

This Saturday’s walk was a lovely spring time march around Glasgow with my friend Debbie. Here’s George Square.

The other, all important, walking decision – apart from how to replace the calories I’ve just burned – is footwear.

I dusted off – yes really – the trainers I thought were walking shoes and put them on. I found that my big toes bump the end. Absolutely not suitable for even a stroll to the shops.

So I’ve been walking in an old pair of running trainers but the next job will be to kit myself out with the right shoes and socks.

Meantime, you can sponsor me at walkthewalk’s own page.

You can find out more about Ellen’s Moonwalk training and read her fab blog at InABunDance.

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