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The best ice grips for walking and running

Written by Fiona December 20 2011

Ok, so maybe I’m not normal but I love the snow, especially when Running Every Day in December. Running three miles or more every day can get a little boring, especially as all my other work and home chores require me to frequently follow a similiar-ish running route. But when the snow comes it adds a new and fun dimension to the daily run. And this year I also like the ice!

Now that I have found suitable grips for my trainers for running on the ice I am more than happy to go out for a few miles of running, even on very icy streets.

EzyShoes ice grips

EzyShoes ice grips

EzyShoes ice grips are brilliant

So far, in the process of testing a range of ice grips I have given EzyShoes  a top rating for grip while running in snow and ice, on streets and off-road terrain. They are robust and grippy and fit neatly to my trainers. I have the EzyShoes Extreme. My mum, known as Granny Outdoors, has been testing the EzyShoes most suitable for walking and she has also given them a thumbs up. “They are great for getting out to the shops on icy streets, and for trail walks. I haven’t slipped once, which was a pleasant surprise. The ice grips are a bit of a faff to put on the shoes so I’ve decided to keep a pair fixed permanently to one set of walking shoes,” she said.

“My only word of warning is be careful if you wear the ice grips into shops or supermarkets, where there are smooth floors because the grips become pretty slippery. A friend was wearing a pair while shopping in the supermarket and she slipped over.”

YakTrax ice grips

YakTrax ice grips

What about YakTrax ice grips?

YakTrax are another big name in ice grips. I have friends who wear these for running, but in my opinion they are best suited to walking. They offer good traction on ice, even thick ice, and on several outings with the whippet on very icy streets and trails I have been really impressed with the Yaktrax grippiness. The supplier of Yaktrax has told me that Yaktrax are perfect for icy streets and surfaces that are not too stony or gritty. The Yaktrax will still keep you upright on less-than-smooth terrain but the grit and stones will soon wear down the metal coils. See this previous blog for more tips from YakTrax.

I’ve yet to find out if the EzyShoes will wear down/out when used for extensive running on a range of surfaces but they do seem to be built more robustly. I’ll keep you posted about their longevity.

While the ice grips – both EzyShoes and Yaktrax – are a bit of a hassle to fit to your shoes the advantage of these gadgets far outweighs the time spent fitting them. Like GrannyOutdoors I have reserved my dog walking boots for one pair of ice grips, and my running shoes for another.

I’ve seen so many people staggering slowly along the ice, or else searching for less icy bits at the edge of pavements to walk on, or simply abandoning the pavement for salted roads, while I have been able to walk with confidence on even the iciest streets.

I also have a set of Ice Spikes to try. These are ice spikes that screw directly into the sole of your shoes. I will be giving them a test run while the ice is still here…

What do other people think of the different brands of ice grips for shoes?

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