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Hallelujah! Running tights that don’t fall down

Written by Fiona

January 09 2012

If you run (or walk) in Lycra tights, you’ll know that they usually fall down. Even if they only slip down a little this can still be very annoying and uncomfortable. I have tried all kinds of techniques, such as buying running tights a size too small, turning the waistband over to make it tighter and buying tights with a drawstring and tying it tightly. The latter has never worked too well, though, because the drawstring is usually above hip height (on my actual waist) and I can’t stand tight waistbands around my actual waist. I don’t know why, but I hate it.

If you know me, then you’ll also know that I often run in winter with shorts over the top of my tights. Like Superwoman (expect without the magical powers). This looks a bit silly but it has been the only solution to cold legs and tights that stay up.

Falke Women's Manhattan running tights

Falke Women’s Manhattan running tights

But I have now found a pair of running tights that don’t fall down. The Falke Manhattan Women’s Tights are the best running tights I have ever worn. I am not just saying this because Falke kindly sent me a pair to try, but because I have genuinely found a pair of tights that are comfortable and stay up. It is something I thought I’d never find!

First impressions of the Falke Manhattan Women’s Running Tights

I thought the tights felt a little big. They are a “small” and I’m usually a small but they didn’t feel especially tight. I immediately liked the feel of the fabric, however. And the features, which include a zipped front pocket, zipped ankles and reflective detailing seemed pretty good. Then I noticed the drawstring. This is a drawstring detail like no other. Rather than relying on pulling the drawstring tight around my waist and over the top of my hips, these running tights have a shorter waistband-to-crotch height and therefore allow me to tighten the waistband around the outside of my hips. I find this so much more comfortable.

But I still didn’t expect to find that the running tights would stay up. My first run in the tights was 45 minutes and they never slipped down. Not even a millimetre. This has been the same for every single run since.

Other things I like about the Falke Running tights

The Falke running tights just feel so comfortable. I can’t say why exactly. It could be the fabric –  80% Polyamid, 20% Elastan – or the fit, or simply that these running tights are ideal for my shape. They don’t feel over-tight or over-big. The don’t pull down at the ankles or at the back of the knee. They just feel really lovely. Apparently, on further research, the comfort is due to special “ergonomics”. A spokesperson for Falke says: “Ergonomic means a design that fits the shape and movement of the body as closely as possible. This is generally achieved through the choice of fabrics and by utilising a construction that is as seamless as possible. The ergonomic design should in practice improve the stretch, fit and comfort of the garment.”

I have run in the Manhattan tights through a lot of rain and they still felt comfortable. They do not dry exceptionally quickly but they also do not feel heavy and saggy when wet. I’ve also worn the tights underneath waterproof over-trousers while walking in the hills and they have felt ultra comfortable.

I had never come across Falke sportswear before (they are a German company that appear to specialise in hosiery and underwear… and now sports wear) but I’m very pleased I have. The tights are priced at £49, which isn’t cheap but it’s not the most expensive I’ve seen either and because they stay up I would definitely pay this for another pair. For stockist info and where to buy check out and follow the links.

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