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Solo running v running together

Written by Fiona January 31 2012

My tri club friend Animal Magic says she struggles to find the motivation to run or cycle unless she’s planned to go out with other people. Other people I know only like to run or cycle on their own. I am somewhere in the middle. I love running and chatting with a friend. I like being pushed to run faster or run at an even pace and enjoy the company and the views. I really enjoy the social aspect of club running sessions. I can think of nothing better than walking Munros with my lovely partner the G-Force. I relish group cycle outings. And if it wasn’t for tri club swimming sessions I doubt I’d ever dip my toes in the pool.

But I also adore running on my own (and these days, with Wispa the Wonder Whippet). The chance to focus on my own thoughts or simply clear my mind of anything and take in the views, while setting my own pace, is hard to beat. I don’t really find it hard to motivate myself. My solo running time is the ultimate me-time, away from all the domestic and work stuff, and once I’m out the door and jogging along I love the me-time feeling of it. If I’m tired I can run slower, if I’m feeling good I’ll push harder. There is no-one to dictate my pace and my thoughts are all to myself.

It’s the same with cycling. I enjoy a group outing and the chance to catch up with the chat of my friends, and try to keep up with them on the hills. But I also value a few hours to myself cycling at my own speed and with my own thoughts.

I guess there are some days when a group is great – and other days when going solo is the preferred option.

What do you prefer? Solo running/cycling/walking or exercising in a group?

(NB: Animal Magic is a vet, animal pathologist and would be doctor of tick investigations in Scotland. She is also a magic runner And a good friend.)

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