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Calling all cyclists who want safer roads

Written by Fiona April 03 2012

I am a keen promoter of cycling and if we can make our roads safer for more cyclists then all the better. So I am delighted to see some action being taken by a group of pro-cycling folks in Scotland.

Pedal on Parliament aims to gather as many cyclists together from across Scotland to cycle to Holyrood, Edinburgh, on April 28. This is a Saturday so you’ll be free to attend!

Pedal on Parliament want everyone who cycles in Scotland – or who would like to cycle, or would like their families to cycle, but who doesn’t feel safe – to join in for the big ride – followed by a big picnic. Young and old, keen commuter or weekend pedaller, fit or not, you don’t even need to be on a bike. You just need to show up and add your voice to help make Scotland safe for cycling.

What do Pedal on Parliament want?

The campaign group has created an eight point manifesto to help Scotland’s government reach its target of 10% of journeys by bike by 2020, a target which is now also embedded in its low carbon and obesity strategies.

It’s claimed that the government’s present Cycling Action Plan [CAPS] is far too limited to achieve the target, while the proportion of the transport budget allocated to cycling remains wholly inadequate at under 1%.

The PoP manifesto covers:

  1. Proper funding for cycling.
  2. Design cycling into Scotland’s roads.
  3. Slower speeds where people live, work and play
  4. Integrate cycling into local transport strategies
  5. Improved road traffic law and enforcement
  6. Reduce the risk of HGVs to cyclists and pedestrians
  7. A strategic and joined-up programme of road user training
  8. Improved statistics supporting decision-making and policy

If cycling and safety matters to you and your family why not join the Pedal on Parliament ride on April 28 and tell the politicians what you want? Oh, and if oyu need any further encouragement to be there, you could end up cycling alongside round the world record-breaking cyclist Mark Beaumont!

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