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Kit review: Teva walking shoes

Written by Fiona June 22 2012

My lovely sister, who says she should be called SisIndoors rather than my favoured SisOutdoors, has been testing a pair of walking shoes for me. It was during a recent half-marathon charity walk (she insists that long-distance walking isn’t her normal activity!) that news of her walking boots plight arrived with me.

Teva women's Sky Lake walking shoes

Teva women's Sky Lake walking shoes

It seems that Sis IndoorsOut has been wearing the same walking boots for 19 years ­– and just when she needed the boots to do their stuff for 13.1 miles they decided to fall apart. “Within a couple of miles of the start of the walk, the heel came off. I had to tie that back on with the laces. Then six miles into the walk, the sole completely fell off my boots,” she reported to me. “I hobbled for the last six miles to the end!”

So, Sis IndoorsOut was clearly in need of a new pair of walking boots or shoes, especially with a summer holiday on the horizon in the south of Scotland “and the distinct possibility of a short walk or, too,” she said.

As luck would have it the kind folks at Teva had a pair of lovely looking Teva Sky Lake walking shoes that they hoped I might blog about. I prefer to write about kit that has been tested by me or others, and so they sent a pair off to Sis IndoorsOut.

On test: Teva Sly Lake walking shoes

Teva women's Sky Lake walking shoes in blue

Teva women's Sky Lake walking shoes in blue

The general blurb reveals that Teva Sky Lake’s can be used for light hiking, as well as nipping to the shops. They’re lightweight and water resistant, so they are also perfect for a day in the countryside.

SisIndoorsOut was delighted. Her first response on receiving the walking shoes was: “Just tried on my new walking shoes. They are fab. So comfy and they look cool.”

She then took the shoes out for a few test walks. And here is what she thought.

“The Teva Sky Lake shoes look great. They are a really smart design and I’m tempted to wear them as trainers on a regular day-to-day basis, around the house, in the garden, to the shops and all sorts.

“I’ve had plenty of compliments about them, too, from friends and colleagues.

“In terms of fit and comfort I really, really like them. They are comfortable, with no rubbing, and they keep my feet much cooler than other shoes I’ve had.

“They seem a tight-ish fit but that might be because they are new and also to make sure they are supportive in the long-term. I don’t know much about walking shoes, to be honest!

Teva women's Sky Lake walking shoe soles

Teva women's Sky Lake walking shoe soles

“I have used the shoes on tarmac and on some off-road trails and they are brilliant. The other great thing is that when I go on holiday I’ll be able to pack one less pair of shoes as these will serve multi purposes easily.” Maybe I’ll be reporting that Sis IndoorsOut has become a fully fledged SisOutdoors after this summer!

And I’d say that’s a thumbs up for a pair of walking shoes that would be great for around town and easy-going countryside walks.

The technical details of Teva Sky Lake walking shoes

Teva say: “Expanding upon our line of women’s specific light hiking product is the Sky Lake eVent. Unlike many women’s boots that are just clunky, sized-down versions of men’s hiking boots, the sleek Sky Lake eVent is designed from the ground up to fit a woman’s foot perfectly. So unless clunky is your thing, why choose between style and performance when you can have both?”

The walking shoes come with:

  • T.I.D.E. GRIP
  • Spider365 outsole for supremely versatile traction
  • Nylon shank for stability
  • T.I.D.E. HYDRO
  • eVent® waterproof breathable membrane keeps feet dry and cool
  • Nubuck leather and mesh upper
  • Women’s specific last
  • Compression molded EVA midsole
  • Encapsulated Shoc Pad™ in the heel for shock absorption
  • Mush® Infused Insole provides signature Teva comfort.

 Teva shoes are sold in GoOutdoors at great prices.

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