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Great tasting energy gels. It’s not an oxymoron!

Written by Fiona January 14 2013

It’s very rare to come across an energy gel that tastes delicious. In fact, most sports gels taste disgusting. So Kinetica Energy gels receive a massive thumbs up from me on the taste front.

kinetica-energy-gel-cola-pack-of-24-p26I have been using the gels mid-way through a bike reps session on a Saturday morning with the Glasgow Triathlon Club. I cycle 45 minutes to reach the session, push myself to the limits on strength building reps and then cycle a short time trial before heading back home. Taking the energy gel just before the time trial keeps me going and I really do feel as though I get a good boost from the gel.

There is certainly no sickly after-taste and I don’t feel the requirement for masses of water to wash down the gel.

The G-Force tests a Kinetica energy gel

I also gave the G-force a few Kinetica Sports gels to try. He is not a fan of energy gels and very rarely bothers with them but during a climbing day in Scotland’s chilly mountains recently he found himself with only an energy gel to revive his spirits. His response was amazing!

Returning from the hills he said: “I have never had an energy gel that worked for me. I usually find it impossible to digest the gels and without masses of water I just don’t find gels palatable. They seem to stick in my mouth.

“The Kinetica gel, however, was easy to take on board. I hardly needed any water to go with the gel and it tasted nice. I didn’t get the usual sicky after-feeling and my energy levels suddenly felt boosted. If it hadn’t have been for the gel there’s no way I would have made it up the climb after walking for hours to reach the route. I was really impressed with these gels.”

Technical info of Kinetica energy gels

Kinetica Hydrating Energy Gel is a super convenient, easily absorbed tri carb blend with additional natural, high quality Sea salt to maintain hydration. Replenish energy quickly during training or competition by taking one sachet (with water) at 20/30 minute intervals.

  • 20g of carbohydrates per pack
  • Natural Sea Salt for Hydration
  • Tri carb blend for optimal energy (Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Fructose)
  • Natural Flavours and colours

Kinetica recovery protein supplement

I wasn’t so keen on the Orange Flavoured Protein Recovery supplement. Then again, protein drinks are rarely tasty. Compared to other similar drinks this one is about as palatable as they get.

I know they are good for the recovery of muscle fatigue and generally boosting you after a hard sports session but I personally prefer a milkshake or an omelette. I have used these protein drinks in an emergency (when there is little else in the house) but such a drink isn’t my top choice.

The G-Force thought these protein drinks were pretty good. He’s a bigger fan of such products and pronounced the Kinetica protein mix “tasty enough”.

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