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When ‘normal’ means something very different! On holiday with the tri club…

Written by Fiona February 22 2013

“Normal” goes out of the window on a Glasgow Triathlon Club training camp week. Instead of the normal rain, cold and darkness of winter Scotland, we enjoy hours of sunshine and warmth in the Canaries (this time Playitas on Fuerteventura).

imgres-60From Monday to Friday in an average week I work long hours at my desk. On a tri club week I sneak in a few hours of remote-style working here and there, often with a bar of chocolate to hand or a glass of wine.

Socialising at home is usually reserved to weekends. On a tri club week we meet up for lunch and evening meals. We go out for a few drinks each evening. We chat while swimming, on our bikes and running.

Instead of average overweight Brit, the resort is filled with sleek and tanned sporty types.

But the biggest difference is the concept of “normal” exercise. An average day of triathlon training at home might include an hour of swimming, or running or a turbo bike session. At the weekend I might find a gap in the weather for a cycle of a few hours.

However, on a tri club winter sunshine week a normal day is an hour’s swim every morning then a long bike ride or run, followed by a shorter run or cycle in the afternoon. This is often topped off with some yoga or a stretch and relaxation class. Sitting around and chatting is all part of the trip but squeezing in as much exercise in just one day as you would generally do in one week seems absolutely “normal”.

Take the chat today. Following a coached swim from 7.30 to 8.30am. “So, I’ll see you in a couple of hours after  for a 10-mile run up to the lighthouse and back?”

“Yes, sounds great.”

“And then we could have lunch and head out for a few hours on the bikes?”

“”Yes, that’s a brilliant idea. We could grab a beer afterwards of chill out with so yoga and then a beer?”

“Cool. See you after I’ve grabbed a big breakfast!”

I love this extraordinarily “normal” tri club holiday life.

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