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Top tips on exercise for everyday life

Written by Fiona March 25 2013

Exercise on a regular basis is vital for maintaining a great physique and invigorating the mind. We all know this but it’s not always so easy to squeeze in the exercise to busy lives. My guest blogger offers a few top tips on short, sharp exercise tips.

imgres-8How to keep on moving

To keep your physique and to lead a healthy lifestyle, moving is vital. So, whenever possible, you should rely on your own body to get form A to B instead of using the car or public transport. When heading to the office or a meeting, you could walk the whole way, take a bike or get off the train or bus a few stops earlier.

Other “keep on moving” ideas include:

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Have a walk and talk instead meeting instead of sitting and drinking coffee
  • Catch up with pals for walk and chat instead of going straight to the pub
  • Walk over to talk to colleagues rather than sending emails or calling
  • Park your car further from the supermarket in the car park
  • Walk the kids to school
  • Walk to the gym instead of taking the car
  • Do your own housework instead of hiring a cleaner
  • Garden, instead of employing a gardener.

Why jogging should be your best friend

Jogging is something that most people can try – and it’s a fantastic calories burner. Start with short distances and build up slowly so that you can jog or run around 30 minutes each day. Many people really hesitate about trying jogging but I’d say just get into adidas or other sport trainers and give it a go.

Other advantages of jogging include:

  • Can be done any time and anywhere
  • It’s easy to slot a jog into a busy life timetable
  • It’s free to do once you’re bought a few items
  • You can run with friends and catch up on chat.

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