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Kit review: Skins compression shorts

Written by Fiona July 05 2013

If you wear compression clothing, you’ll have your favourites. Mine is Skins. They fit me well and I like the styling. There are people that do not believe that compression tights and shorts do much, but I disagree. In the first place I love the way the fabric supports the body – like a second skin! – when exercising. I find Skins ultra comfortable. I also feel as though they help with muscle fatigue. I can’t prove this because I haven’t done scientific tests on my body during and after exercise but I know how I feel after hard exercise session and if I wear Skins I don’t feel as fatigued.

b61063009_3_For exercise benefits I wear the Skins A200 Women’s Compression shorts and tights. For after-exercise I wear the Recovery Skins tights.

I have worn out several Skins items and so a new pair of Skins A200 Women’s Compression shorts were gratefully received recently. These have nice features, such as a wider waistband, a drawstring and reflective detailing.

You need to get used to Skins. They are worn tight and if you’re a little self-conscious it’s perfectly fine to wear baggy shorts over the top. They also feel quite cold to put on. I like this but I hate the feeling of the Skins tops. Others say they love the chilled feeling of the tops but they just make me shiver. So I stick to the shorts and tights.

On test: Skins A200 Women’s Compression shorts

With training now back into full-on mode for the World Age Group Triathlon Champs I faced a horrid running reps session. To add to the agony it was a very windy day when I set out to beast myself on 500m reps. Plus I have been nursing various hip and glute injuries, which only add to the discomfort of running fast over and over again.

The Skins shorts were a blessing. They kept my muscles warm when it was windy. They offered amazing support so that I didn’t feel my glute and hip niggles at all. They allowed the sweat to evaporate and kept my core temperature feeling pretty good even after pushing myself to my limits for 30 mins.

Another benefit, and I’m sure many women know what I’m talking about, is that there is no butt bounce when wearing Skins. I prefer to be sans pants when exercising but most Lycra shorts allow too much butt bounce for this to be ok. Not the Skins! They are tight enough to keep all wobbly bits unwobbly. This is an extra benefit!

And the next day I am surprised by how fresh my leg, glute and hips feel. This might be because I have become so super fit over the last six months that a beastly running reps sessions doesn’t affect me anymore. But I doubt it!

More info at Skins

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