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Ladies, don’t leave home without a female bike saddle

Written by Fiona

August 18 2013

I have written about this topic before but I was again reminded of the madness of riding a bike that is not fitted with a ladies saddle earlier this week. But first, let me take you back to my days of agonising saddle soreness. This dark period lasted for many years longer that it should have done but for some reason I did not pay heed to advice from other female road cyclists.


SLR Lady Gelflow saddle

For years and years I thought the key to avoiding saddle soreness was to buy the right padded shorts or use lubricants, such as Chamois Cream. Both of these products are an aid to a comfier bike ride but they do not get to the source of the problem. I know this because on numerous longer bike rides and holidays I ended up with a variously numb, sore, bruised and rubbed nether region. I bought different shorts in different sizes and tested a wide range of lubricants. Sometimes the pain was eased but most longer rides left me sore down below.

Then I bought a Canyon bike. When ordering it they asked if I would like a female bike seat. I said yes. The bike arrived on my first outing I realised that the key to a comfortable bike ride is a good female-fit bike seat.

To be honest, many female friends had told me about this but for some reason I hadn’t been persuaded. Now I only cycle if I have a female bike saddles fitted to the bike. I even take my bike seat on cycling holidays with me if I am hiring a bike.

My favourite ladies bike saddles

My first ever female bike saddle – and one that I still love – is a Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow saddle. I find this saddle really comfortable. There is a narrow section cut out of the centre of the saddle that makes it anatomically comfy for female riders. Choose one to suit your budget and bike.

SLR Lady Gelflow is another good choice, with a large  cut-out and added self-moulding foam that adapts to body shape.

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