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Kit review: Aquaviz Pro prescription goggles

Written by Fiona October 17 2013

In one way I am lucky and in another I am not so lucky. Because, while I am very short-sighted (-6.5 to -7) I have been fortunate to have access to the latest in prescription sports eyewear. This summer I have been testing a prototype fog-free pair of Aquaviz® Pro swimming goggles, including an exact prescription lens insert. My opinion is that the goggles are extremely good – and they proved to be an essential part of my World Age Group Triathlon Championships bid.

AUTA1221I was able to see while walking to the swim start in Hyde Park, London. I swam the 750m open water course without any fogging-up problems and I was then able to run to transition and located my bike while still wearing the goggles. Vision is amazingly good and the non-fogging feature is brilliant.

The man behind the goggles

Optical expert Bob Forgan has a vision (see what I did there?!) to make good quality sports goggles and glasses widely available to people with not so good vision. I came across his Aquaviz® Pro range last year and since then it has been growing.

The latest product is Aquaviz® Pro with Ffreedom® Anti Fog, which is aimed at triathletes, open water and competitive pool swimmers. Anyone who swims will know about the annoying fogging-up of goggles, and when you’re swimming open water this problem is massively annoying.

get-attachment-31I complained about this to Bob after swimming in Loch Ard, near Aberfoyle, and he sent me a prototype version of the Aquaviz® Pro with Ffreedom® Anti Fog. They work like magic.

Forgan’s unique, and now patented, TR90 snap-in prescription lens, Inzert, can be fitted with the wearer’s exact prescription.  Lens options include polarised sun or ophthalmic lenses, including Single Vision, Bifocals and Varifocals.

In addition, the Aquaviz® Pro lenses now come compete with Ffreedom® Anti Fog, a premium anti fog lens treatment combining hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, which allow moisture to disperse evenly into an invisible micro thin layer across the surface of the lens, while guaranteeing clear and fog-free vision at all times.

Forgan’s design is also comfortable and safe, with a dive quality hypoallergenic latex-free black TPR skirt, which securely adapts to a wide range of face shapes.  A single TPR gasket design ensures a snug fit, with pressure distributed evenly over the cheekbones and forehead.  This reduces the risk of headaches, uncomfortable and unsightly “goggle eye” and also protects the wearer from painful knocks to the sensitive eye area during competitive pool or open water swimming. (I was hit in the face a few times while competing in the World Champs but there were no marks on my face after the race.)

A silicone adjustable head strap ensures the mask stays securely in place, with or without a swimming cap.

Bob, who has been in the optical industry for almost 40 years, says: “My aim is to provide accessible and affordable, yet high quality and precise, sports eyewear for anyone who wears contact lenses or glasses.  Competitive swimmers often participate in crowded and arduous open water conditions and the new Aquaviz® Pro has been designed with comfort, safety and performance as a priority for these serious swimmers.”

The interchangeable prescription lens Inzert also fits into other Sportviz® and Aquaviz® products including snorkel and ski masks.

The Aquaviz® Pro 1 with Ffreedom® Anti Fog treated single vision lenses are priced at a reasonable £69.95 plus delivery from £4.95.

Further information on the full range can be found at or by calling 01440 712777.

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