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Top tips for cycling in comfort

Written by Fiona October 14 2013

My guest blogger Ashely is a keen cyclist, who learnt the hard way how to ensure that comfort is a priority. Whether you plan to take up cycling as a hobby or as a serious sport, kit and comfort are both important while you’re out on the road (or trail).

Five useful tips for cycling comfort

Cycling2Stay hydrated: Often, as with any exercise, when cyclists feel general discomfort that they can’t easily explain, it’s a result of dehydration. Yet sipping water or stopping for a break isn’t always ideal when cycling. I’d recommend a camelbak bag or bottle, or something similar, for ease of drinking while on the move. See for some good options.

Safe up top: A helmet is a vital piece of kit but many people think it is an uncomfortable piece of kit. Not so! There are so many helmet styles and fits to choose from so try a few on and pick one to suit your head shape and budget.

Comfort in the saddle: This is one of the major areas of potential complaint but a sore nether region is not necessary if you choose the right saddle. Pick a male or female fit saddle (look for saddles that have holes, gel or fitted covers) and sit on them before buying. Add a pair of padded shorts for even greater comfort levels.

Keep everything in sight: Swap glasses, which can become fogged up, steamed up or rain and mud covered, for contact lens. There are lots of ideas and tips at for lenses that work well with sports and help to keep your eyes moist. If you invest in contacts, you’ll be able to see clearly, avoid the hazards of required eyeglasses, and you’ll also free yourself up to wear a wide range of sports sunglasses.

Great looks: It’s important to look after your skin if you spend time outdoors in all weathers. Always wear SPF moisteriser or sunscreen and apply a good quality moisteriser after exercising outdoors.

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