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Kit review: Quecha Airtech baselayer

Written by Fiona December 20 2013

My baselayer drawer is big and packed full of many different types of baselayers. Yet every time I’m planning a mountain walk or a long run I choose one of only a few of my favourite baselayers.

imgres-78These are the tried and tested baselayer tops. The ones that fit the best and feel the most comfortable. Of course, they also need to be the ones that do what they promise: Keep me warm and dry when it’s cold outdoors.

The Quecha Airtech “warm” baselayer has become a favourite this winter. It is such a comfy fit and there isn’t a single part of it that rubs or irritates me. This is good because I hate annoying seams and fabrics that itch.

I confess I most like Merino wool for baselayers because they are warming, wicking and non-smelly. But I don’t like the feel of merino wool against my skin so my first choice for a baselayer that will touch my skin has to be polyester.

The Quecha has been well worn this winter! It also does what it says it will on the label. The fabric is “brushed” so it is kind of furry inside and provides great warmth in a single layer.

imgres-77The material is also great at allowing perspiration to escape. This is called wicking. When I stopped mid way through a tough mountain climb I checked out the Quecha baselayer and found that any sweat had been allowed to evaporate from my body and through the fabric to the outer side of the top. This is good news. (For your baselayer system to truly work you need to make sure that all other layers on top also allow for sweat to be wicked away.)

And the baselayer is nice and stretchy. I didn’t feel like my movement was at all compromised. In fact, the baselayer feels so snug and stretchy that it’s like wearing a second skin.

For a technical long-sleeved baselayer that is a good price at £24.99 and does exactly what it should, the Quecha Airtech is a great buy.

Buy from Quecha Airtech baselayer from Decathlon.

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