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Why the Volvo XC90 is great for outdoors adventures

Written by Fiona January 05 2014

We have been driving around in the very gorgeous Volvo XC90 (SUV) car. It has proved to be a delight for an outdoorsy person like us, although it has been hard work trying to keep muddy boots and paws from making a mess of the interior. Wipe-down leather seats have been a blessing – and if I had a plastic liner for the boot I would have insisted that Wispa the Wonder Whippet resided at the back of the car behind the “cargo compartment net”.

Volvo XC90 on Ben Nevis

Volvo XC90 on Ben Nevis

We have greatly enjoyed driving this SUV car in all kinds of wintry conditions, including a Munro bagging hike at Dalmally, a camping trip to Ben Nevis, a New Year adventure to Seil Island near Oban (and over the Bridge Across the Atlantic) and a number of off-road runs in and around the central Scotland area.




Crossing the Bridge Across the Atlantic to Seil Island, on the west coast of Scotland

Crossing the Bridge Across the Atlantic to Seil Island, on the west coast of Scotland

Top outdoors adventures features of the XC90

So much room for people and kit


The XC90 has seven seats, so you can head off for a group walk if you choose. We decided to fold down the back seats and make room for masses of outdoor kit. The seats fold flat and we managed to fit in two large bags, two walking rucksacks, skis, snowboard and boots, as well as lots of New Year food and drink, camping equipment and still have tons more space for more if we’d fancied taking, for example, bikes.

Grip and safety in tough conditions

The weather during the New Year week was atrocious. Torrential rain, floods, high winds and snow made driving a challenging prospect. Yet I have never enjoyed driving so much. The four wheel drive makes driving a joy and I felt amazingly safe even when road conditions were about as bad as I’ve ever experienced.

For extra safety, the XC90 also comes with comes with an anti-skid system, enhanced vision for curvy roads, integrated child booster cushions and protective laminated glass.

No “are we there yet” worries

The XC 90 comes with dual screen rear seat entertainment and three choices of sound system power so wherever you are in the car you’ll be entertained. Might I suggest an Adventure Show replay or the Endeavour series on BBC4 for the perfect outdoors in-car entertainment as you travel.

Ah, the heated seats

I have loved the warm and cosy feel of the heated front seats. After a cold day on the hills or a wet off-road run it is absolute luxury to have your bum, legs and back heated as you drive back home.

Easy automatic drive

Until now I would have told you I prefer a manual gear box. I have previously found the automatic gear boxes on hire cars to be unresponsive and sluggish. But the Volvo automatic drive is just the opposite. It is wonderful to sit back and let the gearbox do its thing, while I think up more plans for outdoor trips.

It looks the part

get-attachment-54The Volvo R-Design adds great looks to the XC90 with a sport chassis, stainless steel scuff plates, sport seats and double exhaust pipes.


Volvo XC90 on Ben Nevis

Volvo XC90 on Ben Nevis

Would I buy a Volvo XC90? Prices start at round £37,000 so I would need to earn a lot more than I do right now. As Little Miss Outdoors said when she jumped aboard the Volvo: “This makes me feel really rich!” However, if you do have the money and you enjoy the outdoors life I think this would make a brilliant choice. It was a delight to drive this Volvo XC90 for a week of outdoors fun.

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