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Kit review: Decathlon women’s running kit

Written by Fiona February 09 2014

I have just noticed that it’s possible to buy a pair of running tights, a jersey and a windproof jacket for less than £65. And this is actually good quality winter running kit. I have been testing various Decathlon Kalenji running products, including:

imgres-81I have been a fan of Decathlon for a few years and I like that they stock a wide range of products in different price brackets. Pop into the store and (rather like Ikea) you’ll find products – tops, trousers, gloves, bikes etc rather than beds and crockery! – in price brackets from cheap to pricier. With each price bracket jump up you get better features and clever wee design touches. But rarely are any items very expensive.

I was keen to try the running Kelenji kit because it is competitively priced and seems to offer lots of great features for the money.  Here are my thoughts on these three running products.

Decathlon running jersey

I have already blogged and raved about the Kalenji Kiprun warm jersey. It’s a superb winter warm running top with lots of thoughtful features. The reason I mention it again is because it is on sale at £25.99 (instead of £39.99). This is very good value, in my opinion.

Decathlon running tights

KIPRUN_WARM_TIGHTS_8277779_2The Kiprun winter warm tights are also a pretty good buy at £25.99 (down from £36.99).  Features include a lovely soft and stretchy fabric so the tights move easily and freely with you.

The addition of ankle zips is helpful for taking the tights off and on (I don’t know about you but I find that without the zips you can end up with your feet stuck.

The tights also have ventilated fabric in areas of where you’re more likely to sweat, such as at the back of the knees.

Added to this there’s:

  • Reflective detailing
  • Drawstring chord waist
  • Zipped security pocket at the back
  • And the colour scheme matches the Kiprun jersey (if this matters to you!).

Decathlon running jacket

imgres-82The Kiprun wind protect running jacket is a lightweight, see-through white fabric and possibly not the nicest running jacket that I have seen in terms of looks but it does do a good job for just £12.99 (RRP £24.99).

The jacket weighs only 95g so you  feel as though you are hardly wearing a top layer. It isn’t the best fitting running jacket I have worn but for the price I think it’s well worth thinking about if you find the wind chills you on winter runs (or cool spring/autumn runs).

big_800PX_mediacom_684724535And there are two really clever designs that I think make this a jacket to beat many others. The first is that the jacket packs down into a zipped pocket, which then has a built in hand-holding system so that you can run with the jacket in your hand. It’s genius!

The other nice feature is the thumb loop cuffs, so you can be sure that the wind doesn’t get on to bare wrist skin.

The jacket is an over-the-head type and also has ventilated underarms.  For the current price of £12.99 I am not sure you’ll find another jacket with so many clever design features built in.

There is limited stock  on these sale items so buy now if you fancy any of these. There are also men’s versions of these women’s running products.

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