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Kit review: Gadgeo iPhone case

Written by Fiona March 16 2014

An iPhone without a protective case is not going to survive in my world. I frequently drop my phone. I throw it into my rucksack and carelessly carry it in the pockets of my jackets. In short, my iPhone takes a lot of knocks.

I have tried various iPhone cases and I do like the Otterbox and LifeEdge cases for all-round protection. The only problem is that these types of cases are comparatively big and bulky. My iPhone 5 suddenly becomes brick-sized, although nicely protected when taking part in more rugged outdoors activities

But what about good-looking and neatly packaged? Most of the time I need a case that will take care of a few bumps and scrapes but is a compact and beautiful.

Pretty. Tough. iPhone cases

Enter Gadgeo. Gadgeo is a British company that actually makes their cases in Britain. That’s unusual for a start.

images-17 amazon iphone-4-4s-black-pink-hybrid-defender-case-04 iphone-4-4s-black-pink-hybrid-defender-case-01The cases offer two-layer protection that combine strength and flexibility but still in a slim package. In addition, there are lots of funky styles and colours so I can carry around an iPhone that doesn’t look like it’s Army issue yet does a great job of protecting the gadget.

Gadgeo cases offer:

  • Shock-resistant Silicone inner core
  • Polycarbonate outer impact shell
  • Protection against knocks, bumps, scratches and scrapes
  • Raised bezel for added protection of screen surface
  • Comfortable non-slip finish for good grip and safer handling
  • Precision-cut access to all ports with raised volume and power buttons
  • Screen protector, application squeegee and microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Lifetime Warranty.

apple-iphone-5-lime-green-black-protective-tpu-style-case-01 apple-iphone-5-lime-green-black-protective-tpu-style-case-02 images-18My iPhone 5 is sporting the fabbie pink and black design just now, but I also have the lime green version for when I fancy a change. The cases aren’t too pricey so it’s possible to own a case for every mood! Gadgeo also make Samsung cases.

See Gadgeo for the full range.

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