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Tracker White Chocolate cereal bars

Written by Fiona March 07 2014

What do you eat on long-distance bike rides, runs or hikes?  Do you have a favourite snack or energy bar? Do you make your own flapjacks and cakes?

WhiteChocTracker-BoxMy chosen snack for long rides is always cereal bars. I don’t have one that I always choose because I prefer to see what’s new or on offer in the supermarket. But I do like the bars that are chewy, rather than hard, and tasty, rather than bland.

So, I was happy to review the new Tracker White Chocolate Chip cereal bar. I have always liked Tracker bars, especially the nutty versions. They are never too sweet and just about the right size for a quick energy boost during a bike ride.

Apparently (who knew?!), Tracker bars have been with us for more than 25 years and were one of the first cereal type snack bars to be launched. It’s claimed that some 4,000 Tracker bars are eaten every hour.

Looking at the details of the new White Chocolate Chip Bars, it seems they amount to about 125 calories each and 15g of carbs, which is perfect for a quick bike ride snack but not too much to give you a stitch or add more body weight than you want to lose while cycling.

Tracker bars are suitable for vegetarians and are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Bite into a Tracker bar and you get three layers, chewy oats, covered in crunchy peanuts and topped with a scattering of white chocolate chips. They are far tastier than many similar cereal bars and the perfect size for popping into a cycling jersey pocket or, as I dis on holiday, into my Triathlon Scotland bento box on my bike’s crossbar.

Tracker bars are available in new White Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip and Crunchy Peanut. RRP is £1.99 for a box of 6 or 50p for a single bar. See Tracker Bar. Nom, nom!

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