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Cycle safer study

Written by Fiona June 25 2014

I read many “safer cycling” surveys with interest. This latest one comes from Boulder in Colorado, which has one of the highest rates of cycling – 12% of the population – in America. The research was carried out by University of Colorado Denver College.

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Safe to road cycle?

The aim of the study was to look at the correlation between more cyclists and the number of traffic collisions. The research focused on crashes at intersections throughout the city where more than two-thirds of collisions occur.  They compared the crash data to bicycle count data.

The researchers found that the chance of collision decreased with more bicyclists. At intersections with less than 200 bicyclists per day the risk of accidents increased.

The reasons for this remain unknown but there are various theories.

Lead researcher said: “When drivers expect to see a significant number of bicyclists on the street, their behaviour changes. They are also more likely to look over their shoulder for a bicyclist before taking a right turn.”

Cyclists may also be attracted to safer areas.

The researcher added: “We are beginning to find that cities with a high level of bicycling are not just safer for cyclists but for all road users. Improving the streets to better accommodate bicycles may enhance safety for everyone.”

Your thoughts?

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