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Sunday Mail: Wildlife photography lessons

Written by Fiona June 10 2014

Like many people I have a fairly sophisticated camera but I always use it on automatic settings. This, I know, is silly because there are much better pictures to be taken if the camera is utilised on manual. But reading the guides to photography is complex and forgettable.

That’s why I decided to join a wildlife photography course. I chose one taught by award-winning wildlife photographer Philip Price, of Loch Visions, near Taynault, Oban, Argyll. It was an amazing experience.

Philip takes cameras and photography back to basics but in a non-patronising way. I finally understood how a camera works and how to adjust the aperture, shutter speed and lens.

His business and home are located close to a wild and natural landscape, which offered the perfect place for taking lots of photos. Here is my report in the Sunday Mail. Left page and right page




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