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Kit review: Halo Cycling Cap

Written by Fiona August 28 2014

The G-Force is a sweaty chap. He only has to start exercising and the beads of perspiration waterfall off his forehead. So he was keen to try a new product, Halo, which promises to keep sweat out of your eyes and off your glasses while training.

imgres-20He tested a Halo Cycling Cap. The lightweight cap fits under your cycle helmet and has a flexible visor to keeps the sun out of eyes. The cap features Halo’s  patented “Sweat Block Technology”. This comprises a “Yellow Seal” that redirects sweat to the sides of the head away from eyes. The Yellow Seal looks like a very thin strip of rubbery piping inside the rim of the cap.

What did the G-Force think? He writes: “I’ve always been plagued with over sweating and in the summer it only gets worse. I find that sweat drips into my eyes almost all the time and wearing sunglasses is very difficult because they become covered in sweat, too.

“Wearing a cotton cycle hat helps for a while but once this is soaked in sweat it just drips down my face again.

“The Halo hat is different in that it is made from high wicking materials and also has a neoprene style strip inside the hat which acts like a large eye brow and directs the moisture to either side of your face.

“The band doesn’t hold the sweat but redistributes it. I think this is clever and I’ve never seen it before.

images-10“If I am sweating even more than usual there is still some sweat that gets past the anti-sweat strip but mostly it is far, far better than any other hat or sweatband that I’ve worn before.

“Combined with the high wicking fabric I have enjoyed the driest bike rides of my adult life this summer.”

The Halo Cycle Cap RRPs at £29.95. The company also sells Halo® Headbands, bandanas, beanies, sports hats, visors and hairbands. See Halo Head Band UK

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