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Kit review: Berghaus Men’s Ilam HydroDown Jacket

Written by Fiona December 18 2014

The Berghaus Men’s Ilam 850-fill HydroDown Jacket is created with 850-fill Hydrodown yet in a lighter weight design, that adds up to a total weight of just 320g.

4-20589U73-bThe jacket features two warmth zones that, as Berghaus claims, “maximise the body’s natural heat generation and loss principle, keeping you warm and comfortable in the most extreme of outdoor conditions”.

On test: Berghaus Men’s Ilam 850-fill HydroDown Jacket

The G-Force gave the jacket is full consideration. Here’s his report.

$_57When I read that the jacket weighed 320g I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. That is less than the equivalent weight of a bag of sugar, yet still it’s hard to imagine. So when I first picked up the jacket I was astounded by how light it actually feels.

It felt so light that even leaving a key in a pockets, the jacket seems suddenly too heavy.

photo (79)

To create the weight saving, Berghaus have obviously pared down the down. They have still used good quality 850-fill down but in lesser amounts.

The design and stitching, keeping the down in small pockets all over the jacket, and putting the most down where the body needs it, means it’s still a very warm jacket for its weight

The jacket is not as warm as my “puffier” 850 fill Berghaus Ramache but then I wouldn’t expect it to be so because the Ramache is bulkier and heavier.

The great thing about Berghaus down is that it is HyrdoDown. This means the natural down has been treated with a water repellency and will keep you warm even when it is wet. I tested the jacket in light rain and this worked a treat.

HydroDown Technology Banner2

The hydrodown is no substitute for a waterproof outer in heavier rain but it does stay warm, even where water started to get in at the seams the jacket stayed warm.

There are also less features than many jackets, which presumably save on weight, such as elastic cuffs, but no Velcro adjustment and an elastic edged hood but no wire-stiff hood peak.

That said, the elastic creates a good fit and I didn’t feel the need for further adjustments. In fact, I like the pared down look of the jacket and it makes a change from some other outdoors products that seem overly designed and complicated these days.

I like the look and colours of the jacket. With so many jackets now in the shops it is possible to choose one that fits well, looks good and comes in a colour that you like. The Berghaus Ilam jacket scores well on all counts.

I would recommend this jacket for cold autumn or spring days and with it being so compressible it’s ideal as a handy belay jacket stuffed into a climber’s rucksack.

Its RRP is £260 although it can be found on-line for up to £100 cheaper.

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