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Kit review: Von Zipper Feenom ski goggles

Written by Fiona January 09 2015

A recent trip to the Alps, in a range of weather conditions, offered a chance to test the Von Zipper Feenom ski goggles.

What is it that is important in ski goggles? I want goggles that offer:

  • Great vision
  • No fogging up
  • Comfortable fit on the face
  • Good looks
  • Option to change lenses (if possible)
  • Easy strap adjustment

Feenom-Black-Satin-Black-Chrome_lensThe Von Zipper Feenom’s seemed promising. The over-sized design has been trendy for a few years and while this looks pretty cool it also means you get great all-round visibility. The Feenom offers a more under-stated look compared to some of the goggles we saw on the slopes but if you like a nice design that is not too bright and flashy these are the ones for you.

The G-Force decided that the size, which is meant to fit people with medium to large heads, was perfect for him so he would be chief tester. He found the fit to be really good even when used with a ski helmet. The fit is aided by an articulated hinge where the goggle strap joins the frame so the goggles sit well whatever the size and shape of the helmet.

Testing the Von Zipper Feenom goggles on a snowy day.

Testing the Von Zipper Feenom goggles on a snowy day.

In addition, comfort on the skin comes from the polar-fleece lined “triple density” face foam. The G-Force agreed that it felt really comfy, even on cold, wet days and after many hours of wear.

The Feenom features a large spherical lens to offer really wide peripheral vision. Wearing the goggles does not limit your view of the slope and other skiers. This was really important during the busy Christmas ski week when some slopes could be very busy.

The lens is also created in a two-layered unit to reduce the chances of fogging up, while extra air flow comes from front vents. In addition, there’s a “Barricade” anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating to the lens. This meant that the goggles stayed clear, whether it was sunny, rainy or snowy, warm or cold. There’s nothing worse than fogged up goggles on the slopes but the Feenoms coped well in all kinds of conditions.

It's always importnat to make sure that goggles fit a reindeeer's head!

It’s always important to make sure that goggles fit a reindeer’s head! And they do!

The great feature of the Feenom’s is the changeable lens options. There’s a lens for bright sunny days and another for snowy days in flat or low light when visibility needs to be clearer. The lenses are simple to change but not so easy that they fall out of their own accord (we have experienced this before in other goggles with lenses just popping out while skiing.)

These flat light lens was most used and the G-Force said he could see really clearly. I think that lens technology has advanced a lot in recent years. Even when it was an almost-whiteout, the Feenom goggles offered good visibility.

Other key features include:

  • 100% UV protection
  • Dual adjustable strap
  • Microfiber goggle bag to keep your spare lens safe and clean
  • Thermo-polyurethane injection moulded frame that is flexible and hardwearing.

oh, and if you didn’t know, the brand Von Zipper was founded in 2000 and is based in southern California based. They make all kinds of glasses and goggles.

The Von Zipper Feenom goggles are priced £69 (rrp £120) from The Board Basement, which appropriately enjoys a Ride for Less philosophy!

For the price, these goggles are a good buy. They might not be the trendiest goggles on the market but they do a great job in all skiing conditions and perform just as well as any goggles we’ve worn through more than a decade of skiing and snowboarding.

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