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Why you should give skiing a go

Written by Fiona

February 23 2015

My guest blogger Sid reveals how she took to skiing in a big way despite being a later starter and a previously confirmed non-sporty type.

Don't worry if you didn't start skiing as a youngster.

Don’t worry if you didn’t start skiing as a youngster.

While many people learn the joys of skiing from an early age, I was, at the age of 23, a late bloomer. However, I may have been late but this has made me all the more hooked on skiing.

I am an expat living in Barcelona when one of my Catalan friends invited me on a skiing trip with them. I was half excited and half panicked.

I am a fashion, interior design and all-things-aesthetic loving writer, raised in England with memories of being dragged along reluctantly on long country bike rides with my father (to his disappointment I never quite adopted his love for all things outdoors).

When I left home I had chosen to fly to Spain and live out my sunny, artistic dreams, where snow certainly hadn’t been on the agenda.

But there I was embarking on a road trip to go skiing with my friends. After a singalong car journey, we arrived at the ski resort, rented our gear (if you prefer to buy your own I recommend checking out for some great deals) and got on to the snow.

It was then that I was suddenly confronted with the reality of what we were actually doing and I became a trembling bundle of nerves. I felt trapped and clumsy like a baby deer trying to walk for the first time with my feet locked into the skis – and the sight of the cable-car ready to swing in behind us only terrified me further.

The prospect of having to somehow jump off this thing at the other end filled me with more dread and I was certain I was going to break something before we even began. But I reminded myself I wasn’t five years old (which didn’t really help anyway since there were plenty of little kids doing all of the above just fine), and decided to man up a little and just get on with it.

So, I somehow managed (to my pro friends’ amusement) to hop off the cable car, with just a little squeal and not a full-blown scream, which I was pretty proud of, and there I was, ready to ski.

I stood still for a long time wondering if I could ever ski that first slope. In the end, my friend, after showing me the basics of how to stand, how to use my weight to balance and assuring me that I wasn’t going to break anything going down the beginner’s slope, simply pushed me off.

She gave me a sturdy push that got me moving, and after realising I was still standing and still sliding along just fine a few moments later, I adjusted my balance accordingly and just went with it. And it felt incredible.

The wind on my face, the feeling of being utterly free with all that previously cherished control left at the top of the slope, plus being surrounded by the most incredible scenery I had laid eyes on, I was in pure euphoria. I was alive! Why had I never done this before? It was amazing and I could do it!

The only thing that had been stopping me and holding me back from this amazing feeling was myself, and once I had arrived safely at the bottom of that little slope I decided right there, right then that I would never prevent myself from an opportunity out of simple fear of the unknown, ever again

Feeling unstoppable, I arrived home that evening, exhausted and elated, grabbed my computer, and sent the application I had been too scared to send for months to my favourite online arts magazine. Two weeks later after my optimism had started to flake a tad, I received an e-mail offering me a writer’s position for their fashion sector. I was ecstatic, and once again had that feeling I could do absolutely anything if I quashed my self-created fears for a moment and just tried it.

So, my advice is that if you haven’t already, give skiing a go.

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