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Launch of safer cycling campaign video

Written by Fiona

March 04 2015

A new video has been launched to encourage non-regular cyclists to think about the huge benefits of cycling. Katie Cycles to School: Little Things Bring Big Changes has been created with help from the Grassroots Action Support Fund and is revealed today and in the run up to the next Pedal on Parliament Protest in Edinburgh on April 25.

You can see the Katie Cycles to School: Little Things Bring Big Changes video:

What’s the video all about?

The animated video was created to reach out to those who already regularly ride a bike. These people might be concerned about issues such as the environment and pollution, children’s lives and health, and the quality of our life in our towns and cities, but who haven’t yet made the connection between those issues and making it easier for people to ride bikes to get around.

Using cheerful cut-paper animation, the video tells a simple story about how one girl cycling to school can bring benefits to her family and her community – but only if the conditions are right.

It’s not intended to persuade people about the joys of riding a bike (wonderful as they are) – but to highlight what needs to happen so that girls like Katie, her family and friends can make that change.

The animation is owned by Pedal on Parliament and was created with support from the Grassroots Action Support fund and through the support of their supporters and organisers. It was written by Sally Hinchcliffe, Hugh Bryden and Ben Bryden.

What is Pedal On Parliament?

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 13.36.04

The non-profit, non-funded protest group aims to put pressure on the Scottish Government to do more to help promote cycling as a safe and viable form of transport.

They have held three protests so far, including, in 2014, when Keith Brown, ex-Minister for Transport, remarked that “this was the largest demonstration we have seen outside parliament”.

Check out the manifesto and join the next POP on April 25.

For more info see POP Twitter @popscotland, Facebook and POP 2015 event

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