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J2X Fitness LED hi-viz gilet

Written by Fiona

May 18 2015

Like many runners and cyclists I am increasingly aware of the need to be seen by other road users. Whether it’s winter or summer, day or evening, it is a priority to be highly visible to motorists and pedestrians.

Thankfully, there are a high number and range of hi-viz products for sale. I have, in my clothing collection, hi-viz t-shirts, running vests, a cycling jersey, cycling jacket and running jacket. I choose each of these depending on activity and the weather.

But there is still a problem. On dull and dark days, hi-viz might not be enough for motorists to be able to spot you. So, on many occasions, I also attach lights to my bike and my rucksack.

When I am driving and looking around at runners and cyclists I usually spot those with lights, even small lights, before I see the hi-viz clothing. I also think that hi-viz materials fade over time and use so they are not as easily seen.

j2x-fitness-led-hi-viz-vest-dNow I have come across this innovative gilet that combines the best of both worlds: Hi-viz and flashing LED lights. This product is sold as being suitable for runners and cyclists, although I think that it is better for cycling.

It is a heavier weight and waterproof fabric that some runners might wear in the winter months to keep the worst of the weather out but for cyclists it’s an ideal all-year-round gilet, especially if you ride on busy roads.

A gilet is useful because it can be worn over the top of whatever else you wear for cycling. It’s the sort of thing that I would have hanging up with my bike helmet so that when I am leaving the house the helmet and gilet would be the last things to go on for my bike ride/commute.

j2x-fitness-led-hi-viz-vest-bThe fabric of the gilet is durable and very bright. The side panels are made of breathable mesh, which is important when the rest of the gilet is a robust waterproof fabric. You need a place for your  body to breathe and the sweat to evaporate.


There is the addition of reflective piping on the front and back and also two rows of three white LEDS on the front at shoulder height and two rows of red LEDS on the back at lower back height.

The LEDS are operated by a small battery pack that is located inside a small Velcro pocket in the jacket at hip height. The battery is rechargeable via a USB cable that takes three to four hours to charge up.

j2x-fitness-led-hi-viz-vest-cThe lights can be full on, flashing or slow flashing. The running time of the battery is 15 to 20 hours depending on the setting.

If you need to be seen on your bike, or while running, this is a great product for simply putting on over all your other kit.

It is priced at £24.99 and comes in sizes small to XL.

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