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Wash smelly sports kit at 30°C?

Written by Fiona

July 02 2015

I remember my mum telling me (or maybe it was a boyfriend’s mum… but it was a mum) that to get clothing really clean you needed to wash it at high temperatures. I think 60°C was mentioned.

I can also remember being told by someone else that it is bad for the environment ­– and for our clothes – if we wash everything on high temperature settings. Heating water up uses up more electricity and, therefore, the world’s resources. Meanwhile, washing clothes at high temperatures generally sends them into meltdown.

So, I was delighted to be sent a product that is formulated to wash sports kit at 30°C. Odo Sport Revive has been developed to deal with KO (Kit Odour).

The claims are:

  • Revive Sports Wash is specially designed to thoroughly clean and remove sweat at 30°C.
  • Revive works with the performance features of your technical fabrics, rather than against them, meaning your gear continues to function effectively
  • Revive features a protective shield to reduce the amount of dirt your clothing absorbs between washes
  • Revive has a fast drying agent to help your kit dry more quickly.

I have used Revive on some of my smelliest kit. These are the kind of synthetic baselayers that seem to ooze BO after every wear; even just a half hour run. Most sports people own these kinds of items but we are reluctant to throw out our old favourites!

I washed synthetic t-shirts, long-sleeved baselayers and cycle tops in the Revive on a washing machine setting of 30°C.


Results of Revive Sports Wash

The clothes came out of the washing machine and dried on the line outdoors. They smell clean and fresh but not overpoweringly of any scent. I would say they smell exactly like they have been washed on the line.

A sniff of the worst areas for whiffiness, such as under the arms, met with my approval. Each entire garment smells good.

This would suggest that Revive Sports Wash does clean and remove sweat at just 30°C.

I have no idea if this sports wash has “worked with the performance features of the technical fabrics, rather than against them”. All I know is they went in the washing machine dirty and smelly and came out clean and fresh. They look and smell good.

I do hope that the next claim is true, that “Revive features a protective shield to reduce the amount of dirt that clothing absorbs between washes”. But how will I ever know? Unless I went out for exactly the same “dirt-filled” ride and then washed the items in my normal washing detergent and then Revive there is no way of testing this claim.

What I did notice is that an insulated jacket has come out of the machine with what looks like a slight DWR coating. When I splashed water on to it, the water beaded and rolled off. Perhaps this is the “protective shield”?

The clothing didn’t appear to dry any faster or slower than before but, then again, I have never checked the progress of drying clothes on the line.


In conclusion: Revive Sports Wash

The sports wash does do a good job of washing and cleaning sports kit at lower temperatures. This means that each wash uses less energy and is more environmentally friendly compared to washing at, say, 40C or 60c. It has a fresh after-washed smell. All the other claims are difficult to prove and may or may not be the case.

A 750ml bottle costs £5.99. It will wash around 25 washes. See Odo Sport There are other products in the range including trainers protection, trainers cleaner, odour eliminator and sports wax.

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