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Wyldsson ProMix Snack Tubes

Written by Fiona

October 28 2015

At first I worried that these tubes of crushed nuts, fruit and (in some) bits of chocolate were simply a god way to use up the off bits and pieces of other food production lines. I looked at the tubes of nuts and thought: “Where did all those crushed bits of nuts get scraped up from?”

But having worked my way through a few tubes I have changed my mind. The mix of fruit and nuts is really delicious and the tubes make it super easy to snack while on the go.

Of course, I know the benefits of eating nuts and dried fruit. They include good fats and good sugars, as well as lots of protein and some fibre, and if you need to snack, dried fruit and nuts are not a bad way to go.

There are none of the additives that you might find in other snack bars and they are gluten-free, too.

(The tubes with choccie bits do not appeal to me and they seem less healthy.)

Apparently, ProMix is a “carefully balanced selection of chopped nuts with a sprinkle of seeds and some of the most extraordinary fruits in the world… Organic Persian Mulberries, Organic Goldenberries, Californian Pomegranate and even a touch of Belgian Chocolate”.

The tubes mean you can shuffle the nuts mix into your mouth without needed to touch them with your hands, so the concept is conveniently hygienic if you’re on the move. It does feel a bit like eating bird seed although the mixes are really tasty.

I was surprised to see there are more than 250 calories in each tube. I managed to eat my way through a whole tube very quickly although I noted that the G-Force made his last for hours. I think it would be better to pace yourself with this number of calories and at a price of almost £1.60 per tube!


I really liked these Wyldsson ProMix tubes:


Chopped Cashews, Californian almonds, hazelnuts, as well as sunflower seeds,  organic Persian mulberries, Greek Zante currants, pumpkin seeds and Goji berries.


Same as Promix 1 but with Guayan Mango instead of mulberries and chopped Argentinian peanuts.


Same as Promix 2 but with Californian Pomegranate instead of mango.

I didn’t care for the ProMix that includes chocolate but that’s just a personal thing.

In conclusion: This is a novel (possibly, novelty?!) health food snack. If you are looking for a snack that is packed with good nutrition – without additives and sugars –  and easy to eat while on the move or after training  this is a good find. Although I think a lot of the cost will be in the packaging and distribution.

The tubes are priced at 10 for £15.99. You can buy them on-line at Wyldsson ProMix

  • And I have just been told by Wyldsson on Twitter that there are refill packs!

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