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Benefits of on-line workout videos

Written by Fiona

December 18 2015

Are you reluctant to pay for a gym membership? Yet, winter is playing havoc with your opportunities for exercising outdoors. So how about making use of on-line video workouts? My guest writer Samantha reveals the benefits of using fitness videos.

These videos are designed to offer workout in the comfort of your home. They are great for people who are time-poor or who do not want to pay for a full-on gym membership. But before you click the play button on the video and start doing it, here are some tips and benefits.

Health check

If you are in any doubt about your health, it’s important that you visit your doctor for a health check before starting a new exercise regime. And even if you consider yourself to be fit and healthy you should choose a fitness video to suit your ability.

From 10-minute workouts for beginners to 90-minute turbo sessions for experienced cyclists, there is a huge range of on-line videos to choose from.

Benefits of using online workout videos

Convenient: You can use the videos at home or when you travel. All you need is a computer or tablet and a bit of space. You are saved from the hassle of travelling to a gym and finding a parking space and also from bad weather.

For fun: Exercise doesn’t have to be boring so choose an up-beat exercise video and get in the groove of your workout. On days you feel the need to dress up with some of the best workout clothes, you could check out Fabletics and order your choice of clothes.

You’re the master: With online workouts you choose the time, day and the type of workout you prefer to do. Sometimes you get to workout for a longer time, other times for less. This is much better than having the guilt of skipping an expensive gym class. You can also choose your workout depending on your energy levels the kind of workout you would prefer.

Tons of variety: The best thing about working out with online videos is the huge variety that you can find at your fingertips. The digital bytes take very little space and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The choice is unlimited and one can also request for recorded live-taped classes from anywhere in the world.

Total privacy: No one need know you are doing a workout and you can enjoy total privacy in your own home. There’s no body shaming, no embarrassment, no stinky partners and no worry about feeling stupid or exposed. So go ahead and try an on-line video workout.


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